Dried Cherries, a recommended purchase

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    I am always on the lookout for a good deal on prep stuff.
    Who wouldn't admit variety and tickling the sweet tooth fancy has its place in the scheme of things if the price is right. I have no monetary interest in this company, other than just ordering 2 boxes of these cherries to get free shipping. Another member pointed out to me that local fresh cherries were going for $6.89 per pound. These dried 4 pound boxes of cherries should work out to 12 to 20 pounds if fresh.
    check out the link, and even scroll down and check out the reviews if you have doubts.
    Traverse Bay Fruit Co. Dried Cherries, 4-Pound Box: Amazon.com: Grocery & Gourmet Food
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    cherries are also good for those who suffer with Gout.
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    Anyone know how long would these store is sealed in Food saver bags?

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    Add a dessicant pack and you should be good for 6 months at least.
    We do something similar with blueberries and have had good results.
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