drink items that you are stocking up for long term use

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  1. hank2222

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    here is a list of drinking mixs i have been stocking up on for long term use as need in my daily life

    tea bags in two diff types of tea bags

    hot tea

    sweet tea

    hot chocolate drink mix in diff flavors that i can get for long term use

    diff n10 cans drinks in diff flavors



    lemon lime




    milk flavors





    the basic alochol i stock for the long term use after it as need ..
    jack dainels single barrel whiskey

    markers mark whishey

    couvoisier vs cognac

    johnny walker black label scotch

    this items i have stock for before the bed time drink

    this one for medical use is vodka for basic medical use as it need

    so what your list of the basic all around drinks that you stocked up on
  2. Equilibrium

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    Just tea, V8 Low Salt and Tang. The V8 I use in some soups. We don't really drink other than maybe my husband has a beer a coupla times a year... we do keep booze around for family and friends and rum for making rum balls and I was thinking about buying a few bottles of something to use for bartering but there seemed like there were better options for barter goods. I maybe should add some rum and some wine for cooking but I've been trying to focus on providing ourselves with a source of potable water and the basics of getting a pantry going.
  3. UGRev

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    Cocoa mix.
    Tang is a good idea.. didn't think of that.
    I'm going light on the flavors and stuff because I can't do a lot of the flavored stuff due to kidney stones. Water baby. :)
  4. Witch Doctor 01

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    Tea (various types including herbal)
    crystal light
    hot chocolate mix
    syrups for making cola type drinks...
  5. Equilibrium

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    "Tang is a good idea.. didn't think of that." Tang is great. Don't buy the sugar free kind.... it's loaded with aspartame.
  6. Falcon15

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    Electrolyte drinks (Squinchers).
    Tea - (lots of sun brewed and hot tea with lemon and honey).
    Koolaid packets (for the kids - buy the generics on sale, 10 for a dollar. Grown ups like koolaid sometimes too)
    Hard Liquor
    Distillation (for essential oils), brewing equipment for beer/mead, and wine making equipment and supplies are on the "to get list", but not a high priority.

    I will be making use of my citrus trees for juice, as well as home made -aide (lemon, lime) type drinks (made with water, juice, and honey).
  7. Disciple

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    Water, propel fitness water dry packets, lipton tea bags, kool-aid, Hot chocolate, Tang, dry spiced apple cider, Country time lemonade mix, french vanilla cappocino mix, tomato juice,apple juice, grape juice.
  8. BTPost

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    Two years supply of Crystal Lite Pink Lemonade Powder.
    Two years supply of Swiss Miss Sugar Free Powder.
    Two years supply of Powdered Milk, in Long Term Storage
    One USG 190 Proof USP Grain Alcohol.
  9. Drumbo

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  10. UGRev

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    Thanks for the heads up. I'm not fond of ingesting stuff they used to use in explosives. That stuff already wrecked my big toe up on my left foot. Every time I drink something with aspartame in it, it always causes me joint pain. That stuff is nasty!
  11. Disciple

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    I forgot the dry milk LOL.
  12. hedger

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    Very Practical

    This may seem like a frivolous thread to those who have not had to "make do" with the water supply at hand for an extended period of time.

    When I was in Vietnam, all of our water was treated with bleach and it tasted revolting. I got hold of different flavored powdered drink mixes ASAP. That made the water more palatable and it was a less onerous task to stay hydrated.

    In addition to various flavors to mask unpleasant tastes, you may want to add something like Zip-Fizz to your list of supplies.

    Zip-Fizz provides electrolytes with very low or no salt and sugar. Post SHTF, there are a lot of illnesses that can take you down via dehydrating you one way or another. Guess what? If your electrolyte levels plummet, your muscles may have a problem responding to nerve impulses telling them to move. I had to deal with that one time---Never Again.
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    CANDY fISHER Monkey+

    ok, this is a wonderful list, Im going shopping LOL thanks.
    what I have so far?

    pop 24 packs,
    bottled pop
    lots of water
  14. Drumbo

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    Busted! I'm sorry for the frivolity - humor is my nature and if I couldn't chuckle occasionally, I'd give up and spend my days weeping and gnashing my teeth.

    Seriously, I was given a supply of the empty 5 gal bottles you see topping water coolers by my previous employer. They cost quite a bit new at K-Mart ($12+), so I was thankful and I keep them full and fresh. I also use recycled 1.17 gal Great Value (Wal-Mart) detergent bottles for water and extra Kerosene storage - they even have a handy pump spout and are easier to manipulate than the large 5 gal spring water bottles, but it takes several cycles and soaks in the dishwasher to get them clean of perfume and detergent. They are much hardier plastic than milk containers and tolerate boiling water for sterilization.

    I have a massive supply of coffee, instant as well as ground. It's both for my addiction and an eye toward barter. Coffee prices are sky-rocketing so, I've been shopping the best deals for over a year and now have more than I can ever consume but the stash keeps growing whenever there's a deal at Big-Lots.

    I have stocks of Kool-aid, Tang and Gator-aide powdered drink mix in the 19 oz. canisters (6-8 quarts each) and a supply of Crystal light in various flavors. I have hot chocolate and coco, a large supply of dehydrated milk as well as canned evaporated and a supply of tea-bags and powdered instant. I have Hi-C, YooHoo (jam packed with vitamins and minerals) and other boxed/canned drinks, Tomato juice, orange, grape & apple juice in bulk and a variety of other stuff (flavored Nesquick, Ovaltine, Squinchers and Fizzies) including a well-stocked liquor supply of whiskey (mostly Jack Black), scotch, vodka, tequila (mostly Cuervo), rum, gin (medicinal use only - I never learned to appreciate martinis), schnapps and a few gallons of Gran Marnier & Kahlua for barter if nothing else. There's a few bottles of wine and flavored liquors, but I've yet to research methods to store beer long term.

    I have lots of frozen concentrate juices in the big freezer, but can't depend of them if the power grid fails. I have over 150 lbs of sugar stored in food buckets and add 25 lbs every other week as prices soar. I figure sugar and coffee may one day be worth it's weight in silver.

    In addition, I keep bleach, peroxide, and iodine on hand as well as water purification tablets and micro-membrane filters. I have a camp stove and stores of fuel for boiling if necessary.

    This is a serious topic as water is essential to life. We are 55 to 80% water depending on the source you read and your body type. Three days without water and you're dead (or well on the way). Contaminated water can kill you quicker or drag it out slow and painful. Waterborne diseases will be a major factor if TSHTF and municipal supplies are disrupted or contaminated.

    I would keep instant powdered water if I could figure out what to mix it with. I am often silly because without humor, there is little joy in life, but I've become very serious about surviving the unthinkable. Each day is one day closer to whatever is coming. I'll be perfectly happy to never need my preps, but I'm (mostly) not stupid ... silly maybe, ignorant often, but never frivolous. I apologize for the disruption of a serious topic, but I hope someone cracked a smile (I'm trying hard to get Falcon over his Coulrophobia).
  15. Witch Doctor 01

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    ya beat me to the post.... i wasn't sure where my copy of the picture was...i also have some cans of Florida canned air...

    i have a deep well with 2 back up pumping methods, 35,000 gallon swimming pool, county water, and a creek for water with 200lbs of
    calcium hypochlorite for sterilizing the water with 2 filter systems as back up...

    I need to figure a raised 3000 gallon tank system to develop a gravity feed system to the house in the event i have to go to the backup water pumps... wind is not an option ...
  16. Falcon15

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    I cracked a smile because I remember the old Steven Wright routine. Totally deadpan.

    Also because I dehydrated a few bottles of water for later use. You just add water and let sit for 10 seconds to fully rehydrate your dehydrated water before consuming.

    Anyhow, Calcium Hypochlorite AKA Pool shock, best, most portable source of Chlorine available over the counter without a prescription. Talk to your water specialist to find out if Pool Shock is right for you.

    Side effects may include, but are not limited to, the ability to bleach your whites, sterilize your environment, clean your water of those pesky bugs, and keep your kitchen smelling clean and fresh.
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  17. arbninftry

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    4 cases of good scotch
    4 cases of bourbon
    It is good for bartering and keeping warm.[drooling]
  18. 45acpJHP

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  19. IndieMama

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    So far, we have: Water, Powdered Milk, bottled Recharge (it's like Gatorade, but a natural version with no sugar or coloring), bottled Lemonade, bottled Apple Cider, canned V-8 (also use in beef stew) and lots of Herbal and Caffeinated Tea. I also make my own water kefir and dairy kefir (both cultured, probiotic drinks) and will continue to do so.

    Need to get: Cocoa Mix (might make it myself, we'll see), Brandy (to preserve syrups with, like elderberry syrup for coughs), vodka (for making tinctures & flavorings), Whiskey to barter with, canned Evaporated Milk, and will prob. end up with some kind of powdered drink from Oregon Spice.

    TEXAS REBEL Monkey+

    Powdered Milk
    Fruit Punch Drink Mix
    Katydyne Water Filter
    7 Gallon Water Containers
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