Drink tea and grow tomatoes? Get raided!

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Legion489, Aug 7, 2017.

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    Cops find tea leaves in garbage, raid house with two CIA (former) ops in it, terrorize children with machineguns in their faces. What can I say? Typical cops having fun. Too bad there wasn't a five year old Cuban boy there too, then they could have hauled him off to prison too while machinegunning the place.

    A recent court decision states cops do not have immunity for doing their job, you know, "Just following orders mien Fuhrer!" The cops haul you off your land based upon hearsay and with no evidence...it violates your 4th amendment rights. No that is not a joke, the court ruled you DO have a Constitutional Right! Too bad it's not the 2nd Amendment though.

    'We'll never be the same': A hydroponic tomato garden led police to raid Kansas family's home

    The police report would claim it all kicked off at 7:38 a.m., but Bob Harte later thought it had to be earlier.
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    I hope they get ALL 7 Million plus Attorney's Fees, and as part of the Settlement, each and every LEO, that had ANY PART in the Raid, or Decision Making, needs to contribute 50% of their salary for a year toward those Damages, or RESIGN, Same for the Prosecutor that went to the Judge, for the Warrant, and also the JUDGE, should be severely sanctioned, by the Federal Court, for NOT questioning the evidentiary Information in the Warrant... This kind of cowboy Policing will NOT change until the LEOs learn that they are PERSONALLY Responsible for their Professional Actions... and the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, says so, in NO Uncertain Terms....
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    Hmmm....there might be an opening for a forensic botanist in that P.D.....much cheaper than litigation payouts. ;)
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    As my police chief friend would say "how can anyone be so GD stupid!".

    Or just leave the pot smokers alone. Problem solved.
  5. Pax Mentis

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    If you can only force yourself to pay attention to one political race in each election cycle, make it that for your local County Sheriff. S/He is not only generally the most powerful elected county official and also the only law enforcement officer most of us get to vote for. Make sure yours understands and respects the constitution.

    Yes, this is marginally off-topic. However, it speaks to the whole "us vs them" thing that has developed over the past 50 years.
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    Sometimes pays to be proactive, made no bones about it and asked a local selectman I know to come visit my greenhouse and see for himself that it had no pot in it. Told him it would be easier than having the local police try to find a reason to look and I had nothing to hide. He did, liked the greenhouse, said he would tell the property tax people it had no foundations, was a "temporary" agricultural structure and not taxable and joked about it at a town selectman's meeting so it is in the official records. Not good opsec, but beats heck out of the local police trying to find some excuse to check it out or storming in at 4 am. Meanwhile 16 miles away we have a "medicinal" pot operation, backed by a multi million dollar company, with video surveillance and a hot line to the police station and it is totally legal. The very conservative town backed it as it is in a large warehouse type building that has been empty for years and now pays taxes, the hired some people, and it was a sop to the more liberal in the town.
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  7. Mindgrinder

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    1. One of those is a watermelon or cucumber plant and another is a strawberry.
    2. IF the others WERE weed the lighting is not sufficient for producing buds.
    3. IF it was ALL weed and they had 2x 1000w HPS to finish it off....in those pots...7g MAYBE per plant...16 plants...less than a pound....$1600....$200 in electricity.
  8. Tully Mars

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  9. Bandit99

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    What strikes me first is that as a military member I was, by law, not to obey an illegal order, such as, "shoot the prisoners."
    The police not only have to obey but have immunity if they do so. Do I have this right?

    Man-oh-man, I do hope they win their case because it will finally put an end to Nazi type LEOs, prosecutors and etc. by making them liable for their actions.

    "The Fourth Amendment was not there when we needed it," Bob said. "We want to restore that for future generations."
    Let's hope so...
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  10. enloopious

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    The real issue is not the raid, it is that the Constitution was violated, peoples rights were violated, and young kids were damaged for life. They will always have a fear of police now whether conscious or not. The police who did this do not have any concept of what they are doing to future generations. They have changed the idea of peace officers into jack booted thugs who are inches away from murder. Then they will later ask themselves why people hate them so much, completely clueless to the chain of events that led to their own expulsion from the ranks of humanity.
  11. Seawolf1090

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    Thank the SWAT programs for this. Many modern cops are trained in military tactics and operations, equipped with military equipment and weapons. It is highly sought after among the LEOs.
    So, when they have become "assault troops", every problem is an "enemy engagement". Every citizen becomes "the enemy".
    I have family members who were cops, but retired some years back. They are saddened at what the profession is becoming.
  12. Legion489

    Legion489 Rev. 2:19 Banned

    When you see a cop car do you think "help is here!" or do you think "Gee I hope they don't Waco me, shoot me like that Aussie woman who reported a sexual assault, or shoot me like that guy in OR with his hands up, or strap me to a chair and taser me to death like that guy, or..."?

    Of course read any cop comments and it all "us vs the civilians". Hey! Catch a clue, if you are not in the military YOU are a civilian! Unfortunate they have forgotten they have "To serve and protect" on the side of their cop car and not "To generate money and harass" on it. "Peace officer" went out years ago.

    True story. A po-lice cheap quite a few years ago was retiring and was giving a speech/telling stories. He was talking about the OLD, OLD po-lice cheap that got him interested in po-lice work back in the 1930s. He tells how the then cheap used to run people out of town if he didn't like them. So the old cheap tells one person to leave town and not come back. One day he was walking around and saw what he thought was that person. The old cheap pulls his gun and starts shooting! When the guy asked the old cheap "was that was the guy he told to leave?", the cheap said he had no idea if it was or not, but he felt like shooting (at) someone, so he did, just in case it was. "Did he hit him?" No idea, he never bothered to go look! All the cops were just laughing and laughing, boy that was a funny story and who hadn't done that? Needless to say I was NOT laughing.

    Had a night job making deliveries and would get pulled over usually about once a week to let the kids get practice pulling people over. So this punk kid get out of the car and has one hand on his gun. Takes a step, swings the gun forward, takes a step, swings his gun forward. I've got my DI and insurance out and sticking out the window. The punk rips it out of my hand, looks at it and then tries to stick me in the face with it, which I expected from the way he was acting. Pissed he didn't jab me, I reach up to take it and pull, then pull, then PULL to get it back. The old cop runs up, grabs the punk, drags him back and chews him out. The punk goes "You have a tail light out!" "Really? Because I check every time I leave." The punk walks back and breaks the tail light! I was "What was THAT?!" So the punk starts screaming at me and yanking on his gun which is still strapped down (fortunately) and the old cop runs up, throws his arms around the punk and yells at me to leave! Which I did. Typical of the local po-lice. Now they have to wear cameras (usually) but like I always say, do a google search of Larry "Liberty" Bell to see what WILL happen to you if demand your rights as an US citizen.

    Are all cops bad? Of course not, just the majority and the rest cover for them which amounts to the same thing. Look at Serpico, go read the book. Google "Murder Inc.", or "NYC cops working for mob" (usually about every six months there is another one). Things have not changed.

    And then there is always the "why don't people trust us?" Well take a guess.
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  13. enloopious

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    Obviously people do not understand that 'to serve' means to serve you legal papers and to protect means they will fire back. Nothing more. Nothing less.
  14. Legion489

    Legion489 Rev. 2:19 Banned

    Too true. "To serve (our masters) and protect (the status quo/our pay checks).

    Anyone remember the old "elevator ride"? They would take someone they had nothing on, or didn't like, (long haired hippy punk!), put the poor snot in an elevator with three or four thugs and beat the living snot out them with billy clubs all the way up and all the way down, then drag them out in the street and tell them to move on.
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  15. snake6264

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    Stupidity knows no bounds
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