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Discussion in 'Politics' started by CATO, May 25, 2012.

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    I don't care if he smoked pot. I want to see his transcript for Harvard, his thesis and writing will in college, and his Social Security Number application and Selective Service applications and the original, microfiche of his birth certificate which looks like mine from around the same years.
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    My point wasn't about the dope smoking...I don't care either.

    But, generally, people don't change their stripes over night. Here you have a heavy Spicoli-type in high-school and college...then visits Indonesia (home-sweet-home) and returns with his act together to be a great community-organizer (whatever the f that is) and then enters Harvard Law only to become the president of Harvard Law Review. How does a screw-up overcome such character faults?

    I'm not buying it...he was courted, groomed, and installed in office to do the bidding of the left power-puppeteers.[tinfoil101]
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    Because the media pointedly ignored everything about him. Anyone else would have been subjected to a vetting of microscopic depth.

    Personally I've had enough of their dual standards.
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    First of all I support Mr. obama, he is OUR PRESIDENT after all. I wanna know who paid for his education, mustang, how he got into a high dollar collage in his second year. Sheesh, they wouldn't let me the dang door. SS# from Con-net-I-cutt, school records, all of them, tax records, Selective Service information. Passport records, school records, Birth cert, adoption records, his mom/dads marriage/divorce records..........need I go on? Something stinks here, we know more about Madison than we so MR. O.........
    Hmm,,,what was his theisis on in collage? Where did all the $ come from for him to survive as a 'community activist'? OK, come on and visit, it is my right to speak freely and question athoritty, aftr all I's just an uneducated (oops, spelled that write) long haird tipe of trash......Racist, radical consitutuional conservitive bb gun luvin Idot.....
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    [beat]I be so smart I do da duble post
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