"Drone Survival Guide" by Ruben Pater

Discussion in 'Technical' started by gunbunny, Dec 31, 2013.

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    You will probably get tagged for downloading this, but what the hell.

    Exactly what equipment are they talking about with the GPS scrambler, TV broadcast dish, etc. I'm just a naturally curious being.

    I wonder if anyone in Afghanistan or Pakistan had any success with these electronic methods. Since our media won't cover it, the only way to know would be to talk to the drone operators.

    Encryption available, but not used most of the time- what is the reason? I would figure that ALL transmissions would be encrypted.

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    What is a GPS Based communications Device? Apparently the writer has little Clue, about the Technology he is Blathering On about?
    First he says "No wireless communication." then he says "No 2." so which is it? He can't have it both ways. either you are an RF Emitter, or your NOT.... I mean Duh.... Then he gets very interested in "Spoofing the GPS Signal" by Emitting one locally to capture the drones GPS Receiver... Well, for his information the Command & Control, and GPS Antennas are on the TOP of the drone, and well shielded from any Spoofing Emitter on the Ground, and the GPS Receivers use the .Mil GPS Frequency, as a Primary, which is encrypted, and the Civilian GPS Frequency as a backup, which is NOT Encrypted at this time. Also since the Iranians captured one of our Drones using this technique, a year ago, the Flight Software, now has a Fly Home Deadman Routine, where if the Drone loses the Command Link, or GPS Lock, it uses the Internal Inertial Navigation System, and heads back to Base, without need to reacquire either of the above. Why they didn't think to do that in the first place is a MYSTERY, or just Arrogance, thinking the RagHeads were to stupid to figure it out..... Just
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