Drones to be used over U.S. Cities by Locals..

Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by franks71vw, Jan 5, 2011.

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    Yes, I knew this was coming since I used to watch "Dark Angel" years and years ago. ;)

    Hey, I look at it this way...no need to go out and buy skeet. Of course, not too many people like this in Miami. The people have spoken -they voted for slavery, that's what they will get.
  3. BAT1

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    If they would only use it to stop illegal immigration!
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    Like I wrote when the Houston program came out, use them for target practice. Off topic: As far as Dark Angel goes, you only watched it for the same reason I did, Jessica Alba, lol.
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    This is nothing, but NEW Technology, replacing OLDER, and more expensive, Technology. Do you have ANY idea what it costs to keep a local Police Chopper in the Air for an Hour????? Pilots pay alone is Significant, compared to a Drone Operator, but just the maintenance, fuel, and spare parts, are on the order of $800 — $1000US/Hour. Now figure what a Drone Costs to operate per hour, and it has two or three times the loiter time, as a Chopper. It is simply MUCH cheaper, and Municipalities are figuring this out, as they are going BROKE because they can't PAY their Bills, and Uncle Sugar will give them one of these, with a Federal Grant, using ObamaBucks. Excuse "Me" while I reAdjust my the lining of my Hat....
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    Hey,i have a toy helicopter with a camera on it.Im not law enforcement,but its always useful.

    Seriously,spying is wrong.
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    Just remember, boys, lead your target....
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    X 47B
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    I think I'll need a larger weapon...
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    These are not predators or anything like that. Different crappy technology compared to the air force drones we all hear so much about.
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    From the air and from the ground…
    FEMA Big Dog Human Hunting Robot.

    That one from Stanford University went *poof* but…. for your viewing pleasure…. this one is still live, Bigdog Robot. “BigDog” is a product of Boston Dynamics, with funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency." Our tax dollars at work for us!!!
    BigDog was evidently the brainchild of engineering students at Stanford. Here’s a little more info on what it can do to help keep us safe, This website is currently unavailable.. Oopsie…. can’t see much there any longer but…. here’s a cached version…. gosh it’s so great taking computer classes at the community center…. they teach me all these neat tricks!!! Here ya go, Terminator | Technology
    [FONT=&quot]I can't seem to find the Newscientist blurb on BigDog.... bummer. Here’s the press release version from Ft. Benning of some of what BigDog can do here, Download Video BigDog at Ft Benning Clip 3gp mp4 Youtube Free. Strange, they didn't show us how it could be armed with a stun gun.
    FEMA Big Dog Human Hunting Robot.
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