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    Give recent posts on situations recommending a good motor cycle for SHTF I thought I should share my experiences with bikes and pass on thoughts on set up and equipment. I started out with a used Triumph Tiger and my buddy with a used BMW 1200. At first we thought we were all set, the bikes had a lot of usable storage and good racks for gear. Experience quickly showed that these two bikes were the wrong choice. The biggest problem was the shear size and weight of the bikes. They were very hard to maneuver in tight situations and if you lay one down, it takes two people a lot of strength to get one back on it's wheels. they also lacked in ease of repair, and were more complex in there operation, both bikes were fuel injected, and run by computers with complex electrical systems that could render them un usable in an EMP or just a normal brake down.
    I spent a bunch of time looking at my options and talking it over with experts and those with a lot more experience then I, and came up with what ended up being a far better solution. Building a Duel Sport from an Enduro Bike! So I started looking for a good bike that wasn't to expensive and could serve as a solid bases for building into something far more useful. I found a killer deal on a 1992 ATK 350 E.S. that would work. ( for those that don't know, ATK are American built bikes) and Are built by hand one at a time using only the very best of equipment and a killer ROTAX engine! Think of a KTM only way, way better. I was able to licence it for street use ( again the main reason for getting a Enduro) and I started building! First thing, TIRES! Tires will make or break any build, I I did a ton of research and found the best tires to be the Heidenau K60's they are the only tire with a true 50/50 rating plus they have extreamly long tread life and they work well in the wet as well as every where else. All the other tire options are ether off road with a little street, or all street with a little off road! I then found a set of Excel rims and big brake conversion from a wrecked KTM 535 that would allow me to install these wider tires plus give me better brakes. Once this was done, I moved into the electrical system and I added the required lighting for street use, as well as a good set of hyper white head lights with a air faring. all lighting is with LED's and I can turn off all the lights so I can maintain stealthy operation. Next was exhaust. Stock ATK's have a very good exhaust that is surprisingly quiet,I removed the stock mufflers and installed a set of Super Traps with only two disks which made my bike almost silent! Then I had to add the rack system, I found that almost ALL Dirt Bike's will take a set of racks for a BMW 660 Duel Sport, From A Kawasaki Sherpa, to a Honda XL650, they all will take the BMW racks. Once I had the racks, I got the soft bags to fit these racks and added a tank bag. Combined with my Kelty Back pack, I have 16,800 cubic inches of storage space, and I can also cary 4 gallons of fuel in plastic tanks hung on the racks and the tail rack. THe weight of the bike stripped is 243 pounds with a full fuel tank, and all up weight is just over 380 pounds. I can pick the bike up off the ground by my self and I can actually carry it ( stripped of gear) for a short distance. Fuel range of this bike is 45 miles per gallon, and with 9 gallons of fuel, I can go aprox 400 miles.
    For any one interested in learning more, I can list parts resources, and share advice in converting a bike. My wife spent the better part of a year looking at and trying out a bunch of different bikes, and she ended up getting a really nice 2013 Husquvarna 530 Duel Sport and she and I added the tires and the racks to make it into a killer machine. Total weight of her bike stripped was 311 pounds, and all up weight is 440 pounds, but her bike gets 55 miles per gallon. Mine has had the engine rebuilt with a big bore kit that converts it to a 604 cc Thumper and I also installed a Recluse Auto clutch, my wife is wanting this clutch on her bike now, Really impressive what these can do and it is a game changer for any bike like these. Pictures to follow soon!
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    Damn...and I though the thread would be about dueling as a sport. What a difference a letter can make.
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    Here is the ATK with out the racks installed yet, but with the rims and tires.
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    Here is the Wife's Husky with the racks removed ( has quick mounts) and the new Tires.
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    Super Score on Amazon, Duel headlights and faring with clamps for $60 and takes normal H3 hyper white bulbs. Super easy to wire in, and has cast metal lamp housings for strength and heat. Can get all different color farings, and I painted mine to match the bike.
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    That is a street legal also? I am very interested in a dual purpose type bike. I use to have a couple of enduros and loved them. When I went overseas those days were over and moved to street bikes. My favorite was an old BMW RS1000 with bags, drove it all over Europe, the UK and Ireland (North and South). I was even considering driving it to Moscow but got sidetracked by some crisis somewhere and left Europe and my bike never to return. Anyway, I am very interested now in a Dual purpose bike so any recommendations you can give would be appreciated. Like you I am interested in something maneuverable but with plenty of power to easily carry two people, rugged and reliable. It would be nice if it was easy to maintain but I know nothing can compare with the old Beemers for that... Anyway, My first question is are ATKs that good? How would they compare to say a Honda? I never even heard of them but that's not unusual. PM me if you wish if you think others might not be interested...
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    I would go out of my way to find a Good ATK hands down. Thew were the BEST in the world back in the late 80's to the late 90's and still building bikes today right in Salt Lake City, ( used to be in L.A.) and sold through Harley Davidson dealers. Second choice would be Husquvarna ( just not the Chinese powered ones) or a Husaburg. A Great bike to dip your toes into would be a Suzuki DS400 or a Kawasaki Sherpa! I like any bike in the sub 600 cc range to keep it light and nimble, a Honda XL650 is about the heaviest of them all. if a person had the money, a good KTM wouldn't be a bad way to go, there are ton's of aftermarket parts and really outstanding support for them ( helps to be world champs for several years) so there are a lot of different bikes out there. I recommend an Enduro because they can be licenced for street use, and mainly because they all ready have a charging system for running lights and other electrical stuff. Most ROTAX powered bikes have an alternator vs a generator and that makes a huge advantage in their favor. E bay and Amazon are great places to find aftermarket parts, and Actual racks and rack systems can be found through BMW and Triumph Dealers. Tires can be found at any shop that deals in Duel Sport bikes. DOr a more aggressive off road biased tire, Pirelli Scorpions are a very goo choice.
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    @Ura-Ki Roger. I am checking out the ATKUSA.Com site now...see what they have.

    EDIT: there isn't much data on these bikes. Are they even made anymore?
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    Just because my eyes are starting to itch, I will risk being accused of grammar nazism. Two of something is dual....a battle to the death is duel....

    I will go away now.
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    ATK Parts
    They come and go, hard to get a network up and keep it running for such a Boutique Company. American Dirt bike is the GOTO for parts and some good upgrades, and the forums have great info for every thing about these bikes. The 4 stroke ROTAX engines interchange with the early KTM, ( ATK actually had the patent for these) so parts are also available through KTM. Most ATK bikes have W.P. suspension systems, with a few having Olhin's ( like mine) and the Olhin's can source parts through BMW
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    My dual sport..street and trail..no gas.

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    Used to do the XL-500, but playing games made us realize the noise factor. You could hear it literally a mile away.
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    For the budget minded rider, and dependable as all get-out, I'd recommend a Honda XR/XL or Kawasaki KLR. They've been around for years, tons of cheap parts to be had....and they just work.

    BTW...good looking rides you have there.
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    I am a biker. My go-to bike is a Kawasaki KLR 650. I do a lot of days riding down the slab at 85mph, then I will find a goat-path up a hill or down by a steam and catch a few fish or shoot something to cook for dinner. It is not a loud duel-sport but is ideally suited for both highway and off-road. Road trips, my 61 year old ass prefers my big road bike but I can still do about 300 miles a day on the KLR and still be able to walk around a bit and get up the next morning and do it again. My road kit consists of a rifle in the back rack, a gps mounts on the bars,a small fishing kit with both fly and spin-casting rods that store in a small zipper bag, a Kelly kettle, Henesey jungle hammock, and small down bag, a camelback, a machete, and my GOD bag (Get Out of Dodge).
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    Tim Eddy, a master luthier friend of mine, and I are riding to the Knob Creek machine gun shoot in April. We will leave Mobile on the 6th and camp at Percy Priest Lake outside Nashville and play music around the fire all night with the HillyBilly Marde Gras, then ride on to KC Friday and boil shrimps and play around the fire with a friend's band from Pennsylvania that performs at the shoot each year, Poker Face. We'll go to the night shoot on Saturday then ride back Sunday to a, as of yet undetermined camp spot around Huntsville, then on to Mobile on Monday. I carry a Hennesey Jungle hammock with rain fly, a light down bag, a Kelly Kettle, a small battery powered sound system, a guitar and mic, and we have a ball. We dine at cafes and rely on the kindness of friends at the camp sites to share amenities. Libations are generally available and life is good.
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