Dual survival sans Dave Cantebury

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Aug 29, 2012.

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    The "no shoes" thing always bugged me--idealism over survivalism. The smallest wound can put you in a tough spot....just seems counter-productive.

    On the other hand, Dave's "I'll drink any kind of water without boiling" bugged me very much.

    I found Cody to be the more pragmatic of the two.
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    hmm, might be interesting to see who they picked to replace Dave. They both had quirks that just seemed so counter-productive to making a show about how to survive.

    When dave cut himself just to show the would could be cauterized by using gun powder was just plain stupid.

    I look at shows like this as, if I can pick up one new skill, or something to try, it was worth it. For the most part though the "survival" shows are so staged is it really worth it?
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    Much of what Cody does makes sense --he's a sensible kind of guy, except his poor choice in footwear --or lack thereof. He's not the type of guy to go out and kill an animal to suit the show, and would much rather forage plants. I think the concept of wild edibles taking the spotlight on a television show to be a very good idea. Ultimately, I just have to laugh at Cody for walking through the forests, no matter the season, barefooted and in constant discomfort. Even if the show turns out to be bad, there's some entertainment value at least.

    Dave is a hot-head, but his military background and no-nonsense attitude is perfect for survival situations. He's a tough candidate to reign-in for any producer, which is probably why he isn't still doing the show.
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