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    I would like to apologize to anyone that I may have offended with my outspoken attitudes about the encroachment of our government on our rights. If you feel safe and secure in the protective folds of our government, and I assume most do, what are a few little restrictions on our liberties and surely the constitution should be amended to reflect the present time and circumstance, given it was written a couple of centuries ago and they had no way of envisioning that we would ever cease to care about protecting our own rights.
    Do we really need freedom of speech in this day and age? The world would certainly function much smoother if we were all on the same page. <country-region w:st="on"></country-region>

    </place>America is a team and we only need team players. Dissidents need to be re-educated and made to see the big picture; they need to get with the program or be sent to <country-region w:st="on"></country-region>
    </place>Mexico or some other third world country to see how life is really like without Wal-Mart or reality TV.
    Term limits for office are a waste of time. We voted them into office with our trust and confidence; let’s leave them there for life. It’s worked for the Supreme Court, why not the Senate? Congress is a waste of time and an impediment to progress, maybe we should just do away with that entire branch and everyone can benefit. Just think of how much simpler high school Civics class will be?
    With more and better surveillance and arms, the police can do a much better job of preventing crime. The right to a speedy trial can become academic if we used cryogenics to store the suspected felons. We could just stack them like cord-wood in a warehouse somewhere until a board can be convened to hear the evidence against them and re-education carried out. There are more important issues than the rights of the accused to be delt with.
    Why should search and seizure be illegal? It makes us all safer and just think how many undiscovered, even un-committed crimes can be solved with a little pre-emptive searching and seizing?
    In this day and age, privacy should not be an issue beyond personal modesty. Can you imagine all the potential crimes that are being committed behind closed doors?
    States rights should be eliminated completely; this is <country-region w:st="on"></country-region>
    </place>America and Americans should all be governed alike, regardless of where they choose to live. We should just suspend the driving privileges and voting privileges of those that think they should have special consideration until they see the light.
    Currency only serves the purpose of creating a black-market and should be done away with. Debit accounts are so much easier to keep track of, why do we need to complicate the issue with change in our pockets?
    The right to keep and bear arms? Get real. Just who do we think we are bearing arms against? Beyond the archaic sports of hunting and target shooting, with all these additional police and surveillance, who would need a gun; this isn’t the Wild West anymore.
    The right to assembly is just a tool rabble-rousers use to march and disrupt. The government can call scheduled civic meetings to discuss with our leaders, any issues that might be relevant. If we have a grievance, hire a lawyer and let them advocate for us.
    If the press is allowed unsupervised publication rights, how can we possibly be secure from those that would try to stir up disharmony?
    With a little thought and tolerance, the government combined with big business can develop a program that will insure we all are watched over and cared for. With our industry leaders given office, our world sphere of influence will escalate as profit margins increase. We can have wars not just for cheap gasoline and expensive drugs, but other vital commodities as well. We can attack <country-region w:st="on"></country-region>Japan for cheaper MP3 players or <country-region w:st="on"></country-region>
    </place>Canada for cheaper beer. We can block-aide <country-region w:st="on"></country-region>Italy for cheaper shoes and suits, the Swiss for cheaper watches, <country-region w:st="on"></country-region>
    </place>Poland for funnier jokes; the possibilities are endless.
    For being out-spoken against our government, I have seen the error of my ways and offer amends for my mistake. I officially declare myself as a subject of the <country-region w:st="on"></country-region>
    </place>United States and patiently await delivery of my new national id card. I have seen the light.
    All subjects are created equal and may only be voted to elevated power and status or appointed by those already in control.
    Many in our generation do not understand what the hold-up is and our children certainly won’t care. <country-region w:st="on"></country-region>
    </place>America’s time has come! It is time for us to take our place as the one and only super-power! We can destroy the UN and give them the <country-region w:st="on"></country-region>
    </place>U.S. We can show the rest of the world once and for all, it is geography and economics that are real power, not people. We must sacrifice the few for the good of the many. I would continue but my chip is beeping so I must put on my tin hat and await the “we’re here to help you” squad.Is it only me?
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    jawohl mein herr! I agree. I am turning in my guns tomorrow and declaring myself crazy
  3. Sojourner

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    I wonder how many of the general public would agree with you. Scary to think about it.
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    Well written citizen., Way beyond my powers of imagination.I believe the honorable Diane feinstein, barbara boxer and( "the queen be") Nancy Pelosi would probably offer to make you their love slave for the length of their terms. Have fun slave..." may I eat today mistress?"
    Not today slave.
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    I bet coming around to the modern-era of thinking has relieved a lot of stress, anxiety and heart-burn from you, that wasn't so hard was it Utopia's a wonderful place. :sneaky:
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