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    I find Fly Fishing Scissors work exceptionally well! Believe it or not, Eagle Claw Lazer brand for cutting braid line are one of the very best I have ever used, and can be had for under $10! When out and about for BLACK FRIDAY ( Ugggg, NO) pop in to your local fishing supply and grab a pair! I think we have 5 or 6 all over the house and shop, these suckers will even cut soft wire!!! Eagle Claw Braid Scissors - For Braided Line | Hook 1 Outfitters
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  2. Ganado

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    for engineers and gear heads ;)
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    This is the first of the flakes that I made. I need to cut more to get the square shape but not bad for the first 4.

  4. Ganado

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  5. Motomom34

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    Thank you. I will get more aggressive in my cutting. I needed to figure the seams, making sure not to cut it in half. We had fun last night making snowflakes. FYI scissors are easier then using a box cutter.
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  6. ghrit

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    Try for a fold that will yield 6 points. You might like the esthetics even more.
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  7. DarkLight

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    I was going to mention that but couldn't come up with the right words...sad on my part. So, here's a picture, which should be worth 1000 or so. :D

  8. arleigh

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    I only know how to make real snow.
    30 degrees
    compressed air.
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  9. Ganado

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    but yours melts indoors =)
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  10. arleigh

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    True an they don't look like snow flakes either , more like very small hail.
    But you can ski on it.
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  11. Ganado

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  12. Motomom34

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    Thanks for bumping this thread and posting new patterns. I now have a weekend project. It is time to start decorating the house.
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  13. hot diggity

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    Those are awesome! Now I wonder if I can cut out many of the patterns with a pneumatic sheet metal nibbler. ;)
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  14. Ganado

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  15. Ganado

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  16. Ganado

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    it's snowflake time!!! soooon

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  17. Ganado

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    Last year's winter wonderland made out of paper
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  18. SB21

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    That's cool. It is a talent .
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  19. Motomom34

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    I am going to show this one to the kid. We have a jar of these pieces/parts and can make some of these.
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  20. Zimmy

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    I couldn't come up with something like that in 100 years
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