Early Warning device!

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    Early Warning device!
    To see and NOT be seen, and to hear and NOT be heard.....that is the question!
    We recently bought a new toy to test on our ranch to help protect our horses from predators.
    The Dakota Alert IR-3000 seams to work well as advertised.
    We placed the IR detector inside a plastic business card box with it's top cut out to allow for the sensor to see.
    (hides the detector and keeps it dry)
    The remote sensor claims to work at a remote location as far away as 3000 feet without being hard wired. (it will)
    The inside receiver may be plugged in any outlet and is able to distinguish between four individual sensors with various tones. (it will)
    I believe it may be used with a 12 volt battery?
    That would make it ideal for very remote locations.
    Of the five senses we all have, the only one that will work when we are asleep is that of our hearing!
    Don't get caught with your pants down! Think about setting up a perimeter early warning system.
    The USA has NORAD and we now have ways to protect the individual too!
    A cammo trip cord connected to a tin can with rocks in it will do, but that will negate the element of surprise :)
    90% of all ambushes are successful, so keep the element of surprise on your side!

    Question: What is the best listening device for the money available?

    Your Bud,
  2. NVBeav

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    That looks like a great device. It would be great to experiment with!...

    Looks like they use 9v battery that's supposed to last up to 1 year. The receiver has 4 "form C" output relays and a 12v output terminal.
  3. DesertDawg

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    You might want to take a look at these:


    They're not exactly "sophisticated", nor will they give you 3000' detection capability, but they sure work....and at 1/10th the price of that Dakota Alert system! Add to that, they're made for OUTDOOR usage!

    I do a lot of camping/shooting in remote areas of the Mojave Desert (So Cal), and have used the "Driveway Patrol" motion sensors for camp security, for about 5 years. I originally bought 4 of them, to give a full 360-degrees of motion sensing, but bought 2 more to place across dirt access roads, in case of a vehicle driving into the area.

    They can't be adjusted for sensitivity, but they DO give you an honest 300' of motion detection. When I first started using them, I placed the sensor boxes on the ground, but that was a mistake. A busy desert fox activated the sensors several times! After that, I made some posts to push into the ground, and give some elevation to the sensor boxes. Anything taller than about 18" WILL be detected!

    The "DP" motion sensor boxes have a red LED light in the front, and it flashes on when motion is detected. I merely placed some black tape over the LED's, and since there's no IR on the boxes, they don't attract any attention....yet they work in TOTAL darkness!

    Oh, there IS a slight drawback, of sorts. If you use multiple "DP" motion sensors, they're all working on the same frequency.....so, if one of them activates, you'd need to check the full 360-degrees of coverage. The good thing, however, is that you only need to run ONE of the receiver boxes (the motion sensor boxes run off of a 9-volt battery, and the receiver boxes use 3 "C" cell batteries....but can also be hooked up to a 4.5-volt DC transformer).

    Your Dakota Alert system sounds pretty good, but I think that you'd need at least 4 of the motion sensor boxes for a full 360-degree coverage....and at $139 per unit, that's kind of expensive!
  4. BAT1

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    The driveway alert is a must. Being an ex-alarm installer, The passive infa-reds work great to trip a camera, alarms, gates, lights or both. I've even wired them to activate tire treadles for farms. Just get a alarm box and set up zones that will tell you what area it was tripped.
  5. melbo

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    Tnandy has the entire Dakota alert MURS system. It's really nice... The system talks to him on a handheld that he can then talk to his base station on. All on MURS so not many if any will be listening in.
  6. RobertRogers

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    There are several places on my property this sort of thing would come in handy. We have had some break ins lately too
  7. TnAndy

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    I've had the MURS version of the Dakota Alert going on 2 years now, and it's fairly trouble free except dogs or deer will set off the motion version....the magnetic probe 'usually' only picks up vehicles unless you walk right over it with steel toed boots or carrying a rifle.

    Melbo just installed one for one of his neighbors, so he can give you a report as well.

    Good system I think.....
  8. Zombie Axe

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    I have alot of luck with the Dakota alerts myself. I use a lithium 9V battery to give me a little more reliability in colder weather. Been thinking of adding the one that detects only cars as there is this little patch of clover that the rabbits sometime trip and using the IR at another location.
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