Earthquake Weapons?

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    I read the you better start digging thread, and then old Hugo made an odd remark this week about the Haiti quake being caused by man made means, and while studying the 'Ring of Fire' I found some interesting links. has an article about it or
    just pull up 'earthquake weapon in news'
    I wouldn't put anything past these idiots. [shtf]
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    A few years ago, there were a bunch of quakes in China, levelled a school and much more. Well those quake epi centers were in a perfect line from SW to NW I found it at some forum, and someone mentioned HAARP. I wouldn't put it past them. It's all about resonance frequency.

    Tesla almost brought down a high rise with a resonance device that fit in his hand.
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    Now that's weird science.......!
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    That has to be a lot of energy to be pumped into something that can setup mechanical resonance in solid rock some 6 miles below the earths surface.

    Maybe I've not got enough tinfoil in my hat but one would think that they'd need a nuclear power plant to power that array.

    Even if they did, I think there would be side effects that would be more wide spread and not quite so secret endeavor anymore.

    Now i'm not saying they couldn't do it. I'm just saying there are some things that seem a bit odd that they wouldn't use it for something good like finding pockets of oil under Washington DC. Oh that's right, most of the bryl-cream dudes have slipped into the Chappaquiddick by now.

    Carry on.[tinfoil101]
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    3.6 MegaWatts of RF in the Low HF Spectrum. emitted thru an Antenna Array, pointed STRAIGHT Vertical, (UP) is supposed to cause Earthquakes, over 5000 Miles away, Just HOW? I would like a definitive Explanation, that Includes the MATH, (Remember the Inverse Square Law applies here) that covers whatever "Theory" some HairBrained Yahoo spouts on the internet, before I adjust "My" Tinfoil Hat, on any of this HARRP Wild Speculation. So far not ONE Creditable Source, has done that, and there is NOTHING, even Close, in the PUBLISHED Literature. There is nothing "Secret" about the HARRP Array. Its Design and Operational Spec is published, and has been for a long time, and last time I checked, Burning Clouds, didn't cause Earthquakes..... ....... YMMV....
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    3.6 megawatts would warm the air. :D
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    The Diesel Gensets in the PowerHouse, that feeds the Array will be putting a LOT more BTUs into the Air, from their Radiators, and Exhaust Systems, than the RF from the Array, ever could. Remember the Rule of Thumb, for Diesels Gensets is 1/3rd of the Fuel BTUs goes out the Copper, 1/3rd goes out the Radiators, and 1/3 goes up the Exhaust Stack. So figure 3.6 MegaWatts of RF from, a at best a 50% efficient transmitter, means the generators have to supply 7.2 Megawatts of electricity, to the Array, and so the Powerhouse has to dump TWICE that power out the Exhaust and Radiators. That means 14.4 Megawatts of Energy, or roughly 4.9X10+7th BTUs per hour, and that is a even more HOT Air than all the Politicos, in DC can muster... .....
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