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    I have visited many survival sites, I really love this one,,,(feels like home)
    On many of these sites many people talk of hunting, trapping and the farming aspects for food but let me let some in on a great source. I have been a scuba diver for years and spearfishing is one of the greatest ways for fish. just banging on your tank will bring fish into shooting range. even snorkle gear bang two rocks together,, snorkling is even more effective,,(no bubbles less sound) fish are everywhere down there even if they dont feel like biting. There is water everywhere in North America fish are more than abundant,,,,spears and snorkle gear are in my BOB.[​IMG]
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    I've got a little half acre pond at the bugout retreat. Lots of food from a little water, not just fish. Turtles, Bullfrogs, and all the wildlife that the pond attracts.

    I frequent a forum for pond management. Great bunch of folks over there, pleased to give advice to newbies. It's called Pond Boss. http://www.pondboss.com/cgi-bin/ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cgi
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    Grandparents ate a lot of fish when I was a kid and had several methods of catching fish to smoke and pickle that were very effective, but might not be legal today. For fish in the winter we used to have fish drives to spear fish. Find a narrow and shallow place in the river and cut a channel in the ice. Put snow fence across most of it and leave a few feet opening for the carp etc to be funneled into. The kids, I was one of them, would go about a quarter mile up the river and use sticks and pound on the ice and walk slowely downstream. The fish would swim ahead of you and when they got to the fence be funneled into the adualts waiting at the hole to spear the fish. Sometimes got a gunny sack or two of fish. Cut the mud streaks out of the carp and slow smoke them in hickory smoke. It isn't smoked salmon, but I thought it was pretty good. Second was the use of a trot line. That is a line across the river with fishing lines and hooks hanging from it. Put it up and check it every night. Usually had enough fish to eat and you don't have to sit and wait. The third way is for suckers and chubs when they run in the spring. Use the old snow fence again to funnel them into a narrow area and use a fish trap to catch them when they were going up to spawn. They were small and boney, so Gram pickled them and disolved the bones and we ate them like herrings. Gramp also took carp and salted, dried, and soaked them in water run through wood ashes and dried them again. The Norsk called it lutefisk and it would keep for years. This was all in Minnesota in the 1940's. The farm chemicals, for weeds and bugs, came into widespread use in the late 1950's and now the rivers have no fish, frogs or bugs. Would still work in the wilder areas I guess. Used hand grenades in Nam and they woked well if you threw them out a ways. To close and they would blow the bottom out of the boat, a real bummer, and to far and they wouldn't sink deep enough to do any good and also could be a bummer with the frags. Gave it up very quickly as a bad idea.
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    In my neck of the woods we run trot lines and limb lines. Find a limb overhanging a creek. Tie a line to it, bait it up and let the spring of the limb do the work. I have caught big catfish like this.
    Then in the summer when the catfish are spawning they hole up underneath rocks. We wade down the river and check rocks for holes under them and pull the fish out by hand. It has different names in different parts of the country. We call it "Noodling". Not a sport for the faint of heart. But you can catch some monster fish.
    Also in the shallows of our rivers here you can find mussels. Boiled up they are a good survival source of food. You can fill a 5 gallon bucket in minutes.

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    Minuteman, I can't help but think in a real shtf situation that 100 feet of good parachute cord and some fishing line and hooks to make a trot line would be a lot more effective than trying to shoot a deer and be looking with a 100 other "survivalsts" for that last deer. My grandparents homesteaded in North Dakota in the 1890's and had no money. No decent drinking water, no wood, and such. They lived off of praire chickens and 60 years later he wouldn't eat chicken, so I guess they caught a few. They used a steel leader, a small fish hook and some corn. Soak the corn and put the fish hook through it. Put a small pile of corn over the hooked piece and tie the fish line to the fence. The praire chicken doesn't have any teeth, so it swallows the grain hole and lets it gizzard "chew" it up. Well the hook gets caught and you have a praire chicken. Probably would work for grouse, pheasants, feral chickens, turkeys etc. I don't know as it is illeagal to fish for birds at the moment. Might be a good survival trick as there is no noise and you let the bird do the catching. I guess that being young, hungry and broke makes you inventive, in 1896 or after the fall.
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    A couple of other thoughts are to put corn in a barrel for a few days for turkeys. Start off with it flat then at a 45 degree angle then standing up. When its flat or a little angled the turkey walks out when done, when its up they cant jump out and its to small for them to fly out.
    A casting net, trammel net or gill net would also work well for fish as well as traps or if you have an old hand cranked generator like from an old crank phone or crank field radio.
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    Uncle used to catch fish in Ukraine using a few car batteries wired together and some wires he would throw into the lake. Said the fish float up stunned and then recover after a while and the ones he did not need swam away later. Probably illegal here.
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    Illegal for you and I but I've seen the Department of Natural Resources use shocking on fish in what they call fish management practices. One other lake I fished regularly had a good population of walleye until the DNR decided to net them out and stock a hybrid fish instead. They netted them right off the spawning beds, the fishing in that lake has never been the same. Even the pan fish have become stunted with the removal of the lakes major predator fish.

    OTT, I rarely talk about fishing to anyone other than other fishermen. I do go quite often but eat up all the harvest soon after catching. I never take more than my limit or more than I want to clean. But, I do consider fishing to be part of the plan.
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    Hey the "dirt trot line" for prarie chicken is a new one on me, thanks, learn something new here every time I wander about. I did buy a 110 conibear , just for emergencies, smart guy would get a trappers license and try it out,Wish I was that smart. "Fool"-ing around with it in the garage trying to set it after a fter few year, had onespring clipped( safed)to itself, manged to get my thumb in the works just one spring, luckily it wasn't fully set and I was in the garage near some long screwdrivers to pry it off my thumb...Well that sucks. But they'l catch most anything.and don't take any work once set.
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    Calcium carbide in a jar weighted with rocks and a small ice-pick prick in the top or pickling lime can be used if you don't have carbide (carbide is the stuff in MRE heaters). Crushed china berries or black walnut hulls will catch fish. The corn baited hooks will work in shallows for ducks on trot-lines.
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    State law in New Hampshire will not let you set up a salt lick for deer. Think it is legal some other stastes. They get addicted to it and the state claims it is no longer a sport. The same with the use of tame geese to lure wild geese in for shooting. I don't know how many other things that we used to do when we either caught game or satarved are no longer "legal". Fun to think about them in a survival situation though. Two hundred years ago the shtf, called it the revolunationary war and we had to learn a lot of new tricks.
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    Popcorn works really well as bait for duck and geese as well....Don't ask me how I know that.:sneaky:
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    The 'dirt trot line' idea can also be used with a treble hook and some peanut butter on a trebble hook stuck to the side of a tree in an area with a bunch of squirles then run the line out a limb a ways and tie it off so once hooked the squirle (or if your lucky a coon or opposum) will fight it and fall from the tree and hang there waiting for you out of easy reach of most scavengers/predators.

    John McPhearsons book 'Naked into the Wilderness' shows a VERY easy to set/build dead fall trap that is also very efective for small game and could be enlarged to use for larger game.

    Modern locking cable snares are also cheap and easy to make and not to hard to learn to use, light and compact to transport and effective depending on how and where set and somewhat on size of the cable, for most any game from bunnies and coons and such to deer, wild pigs and even bears.
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    OMG Monkeyman!

    Squirrels from fishhooks! That's horrible.... ya, I know I'd do it too rather than starve, but the visual you just gave me, made me wince. ;)
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    Yeah, its definatly NOT something I would do just for the fun of it but figure it would be a way to aquire some meat if it had to be done.
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    Good, I thought it was just me had a soft spot for furry little critters...
    Just not hungry enough yet.
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    Don't get me wrong, not only do I like'em, I like'em to eat. Biscuits and Squirrel gravy rocks! (I know some will cringe at that dish).

    It's just the thought of that poor little thing hanging from a tree by a fishhook floppin around and squealing...... eek!
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    Recipe, man, recipe!!! Put it in the recipe thread ---[applaud]
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