Easy FREE Home Heat!

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by melbo, Nov 16, 2007.

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    Passive Solar Heaters not only save you money, but are very eco-friendly. Learn how to make your own for less than $10!

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    Easy FREE Home Heat!
  2. zarraza

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    interesting - but do you think there is a better "cheaper" alternative to using pennies? (and what are the pennies for anyway? it's not like you are passing electricity - are they just for holding the heat????)

    what other metals are also conductive - like the slugs you can find at a construction site???? those are also bigger

    who's gonna build one and test the alternative metal theory?? i don't have room to do so in my house right now, but that would work pretty good during the winter - then hide them in the attic during the warmer months!
  3. hartage

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    To collect enough solar heat to be able to realisticly use it as the primary home heating source requires a good deal of surface area. This usually can only be acheived by restructuring the house as just about the whole side facing the sun needs to be a collector. Unless your home was purpose built for this it usually is pretty expensive to retrofit. Even then you still need a backup for cloudy days and extra cold days. Plenty of info on the net on this subject.
  4. hartage

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    The pennies are used as a heat exchanger to increase the surface area air is exposed to to transfer the heat.

    I imagine you can use anything including aluminum foil folded accordion like to do the same thing (painted black of course).
  5. Tristan

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