eBay is anti-gun OR just following the law

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Jan 27, 2013.

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    (I'm not sure if this should go in the 2nd Amendment forum or not)

    If you try to sell a magazine to an AR-15 on eBay, it will get de-listed. I understand this in one way--those are illegal in some states and there is no way to police this other than de-listing. They are essentially closing the "gun-show loophole."

    I see other AR items on there (e.g., picatinny rails, Aimpoint optics). So, while eBay may be anti-gun, de-listing mags just seems like they're covering their @$$.

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    I have seen this posted on other forums. What I have gathered is that since a 30 round mag is illegal in some states it will be de-listed. Anything that can not be sold in all 50 states to civilians will be de-listed.
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    Yeah, that was my conclusion as well.

    I've seen some ding-dongs on other sites going bonkers over this pic, and when I looked into it, the rule seemed logical. Craig's list should pick up the slack . . . . although I have no clue how one would handle a request from someone in, for example, MA who wanted to buy your PMag. Is it the sellers responsibility to know the law in every state??
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    This is true... eBay will deList anything that is not legal to sell in the USA, which includes Comm Gear that can Monitor CellPhone Frequencies, and CB Amplifiers that are not legal in the USA. I think that the Cellphone Monitor Ban may be null and void these days, as the analog FM. Cell Service has been dead for a few years now.
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    Skroo fleabay. I stopped using them years ago. Much better to use forums and firearm related auction sites.
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    I don't think ebay is the appropriate place to sell any arms.
    It's world wide.
    Invites the slaves in foreign nations to PM you saying "Will u ship that AR to Tajikifackislamibad if I give u $200 extra?"
    Give your head a shake.
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    Why would a pro freedom, pro gun person support an organization that is against what you believe in? That has always boggled my mind. Pay Pal, Ebay etc have long been identified as anti gun yet people still support them. Why? Does the all mighty dollar mean more to people than their principles, their beliefs and morals? It appears so. I will not do any business at all with any company that is openly, or discreetly, shown to be against what I believe in and stand for. Be that anti gun, anti Christian, anti hunting, etc., etc., etc.
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    I am a bit disappointed in the Pro-gun folks, because I thought by now they would have had "GunPal" be the #1 method to buy online, but it's still rather forgotten. With Gunbroker, it seems people are still happy with the "send cash, check or money order and wait 3 weeks" way of doing business.
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    I listed 5 15round magazines on eBay yesterday. They were removed within hours.
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    Ebay isn't the only game out there for selling your stuff. It is just that they have the largest user base.
    Check state gun owners forums, craigslist (they don't like guns either), local garagesale websites, yahoo groups, gun broker.

    Some sites charge a fee, some you just have to be a member with x posts before you can post to sell.

    You'd be surprised how fast you can sell firearm related items on a forum. can you say minutes? And have cash in hand inside of 24hrs.
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    eBay can be a pain. They cancel listings for assault weapon-related items, even if the item isn't related to an "assault weapon". Some years ago, I was selling some spare Garand op rods on Fleabay. They, of course, waited until I had a number of bids before nuking my auctions. After I emailed them stating that Garand rifles weren't even on Kalifornistan's (ever-inreasing) list of "assault weapons", they allowed me to re-list my items.


    I ended up going with Gunbroker instead.
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