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    The Daily Bell - For Real? CNN Poll Finds All Is Well in US

    How is going in your area- positive or negative?
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    I live in an area that sees neither growth nor shrinkage. Just a very stagnant, and mostly local-type economy. Lots of unemployed folks and a lot of people who are merely existing. One thing the wife and I notice is the great proportion of homes, nice homes, for sale. We can never understand why developers build homes in our little town. There is nothing here in the way of jobs that would attract people to move here from other areas. Apart from WalMart, there are three major employers: Tracker Boats, Yamaha Boats, and a machine/tooling company. The only thing it has going for it, is that the area is basically an outdoorsman's paradise. We both work outside of town, and only live there because the rent is cheap. I commute 40 miles each way for the mil, and she works in healthcare 25 miles away up by the lake, which is a summer-driven economy.

    Another thing we cannot figure out, are the two or three subdivisions with million-dollar homes which are occupied.....for we have no clue where their occupants work or what they do. Quite incongruous.
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