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    First, be it known that I have nothing to sell; rather I share freely my observations as a frequent pilot/traveler to Argentina over a long period of time.

    To start this discussion, please review and comprehend this Swiss article of yesterday:

    which mirrors my findings, observations and conclusions. In addition, review the movie "Evita". It gives insight into the manipulations of unions and currency.

    What you will learn, now , is that the socialist paradigm of Argentina that the obimination is following, will lead to the very same results here in the US as follows;
    1. The currency will become legal "funny money" in that zeros will be added to the denominations but will add nothing to the value of the fiat paper.
    2. because of fiat money printing, inflation will become rampant and our debts will be repudiated ; just as Argentina's were.
    3. Strong personal foreign currency holdings and PM's are keys to preserving our personal net worth.
    4. never, ever, believe the fiscal statements from the central government- unless of course you believe in the Tooth Fairy.
    5. never trust the banks to protect your wealth. In Argentina, some of my friends deposited Dollars thinking of their safety and got back lesser amounts of local , devalued, currency units.The banks were directed to confiscate the stronger currency holdings!!! Heed and learn!!!
    6. Learn from the Weimar Republic; it is going to happen here and now there are fiscal experts, per above, stating these identical facts.
    7. government and the large institutions are for their own power and control; not our safety or freedom.
    8 Our new group of "un- edeucated" in fiscal history liberal-socialists, are implementing the very same policies that failed the economy an currency of Argentina yet expect different results here; Einstein's definition of idiots!!!
    9. Take control of your fiscal future and get out of the Dollar now!!!
    Laus Deo
    PS; read the new book, "Crashing the Dollar" by Craig R. Smith; Amazon has them
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