Economic Meltdown Starting

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Ganado, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. Ganado

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  2. VHestin

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    How many times do I have to tell people, there is no SHTF scenario allowed until I have a 50year supply of chocolate and bacon under lock and key?! :)
  3. oil pan 4

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    Well something is going on because gold, silver and bitcoin are spiking and I don't have a good reason as to why.
    Could be nothing.
  4. Bandit99

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    That is a valid point. Gold has risen ~$220 in the last ~6 months (1 Jan 2016: $1060) that's ~20%. I didn't noticed this... Maybe I am not being paranoid? or... Maybe it's because of the elections? Maybe there's another financial crisis on the horizon? Maybe it's because Russia is now truly pissed and is on a war footing? But then again...Maybe it's nothing?
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  5. oil pan 4

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    I'm thinking it could be because the elections.
    I bought some back in January and I have been watching prices, wanting to buy more with all that tax free, haz fire and family sep pay I have been getting.
    Gold can shift $100 in a day usually going up, main thing I have been noticing is it not going back down.
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  6. chimo

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    Are you sure that you are not one of my wife's sock puppets?
    -- he said as he surveyed his vast stacks of bacon and chocolate.
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  7. Seepalaces

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    Mmmmm...Soros just sold many of his assets and bought a ton of gold. His purchase alone could shift the price.
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  8. Bandit99

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    Well, maybe but this has been a trickle every day over a 6 month period not a jump. However, having said that, if someone was buying up a large quality this is exactly how someone would do it to keep the price as low as possible.
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  9. marlas1too

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    you can't eat gold and silver so stock up on stuff you can barter--I just bought a junk generator for 100.00 and for 50.00 git it running now i have 4 of them--can always use one to barter same for ammo but never barter ammo when that person has a weapon with them unless you have someone for backup -seeds another good barter too
  10. 3M-TA3

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    German 10 year bond now has a negative return...
    Britain likely to depart EU...
    It's coming, folks...BIG bump about to happen...dominoes may be ready to fall...
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  11. Dunerunner

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    Hit you Goodwill. Clothes are good barter goods, as are books. Clothing will get very expensive, some will need portable shelters and at yard sales you sometime find good buys on camping gear, tents, sleeping bags, etc.
  12. chimo

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    Don't forget the TP and tampons
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  13. VisuTrac

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    Bitcoin has two things going on right now.
    China .. it appears that the Chinese market is running hotter on BTC trades (paying a pretty good premium) as the are attempting to get out of Yuan and can't really hold foreign currency as a 'normal citizen'.
    The second is that the 'reward' for miners is going to halve w/in 30 days causing speculation that [btc] is going to jump big time. Litecoin recently halved their reward and market didn't go stratospheric so holding breath could possibly be unwise.

    as for the PM's, still manipulated by Central banks/govts/ etc. But when ever there is uncertainty in the market .. like last months 38k jobs added report .. It bumps. And as I've stated in the past .. I only look at PMs as a hedge against uncertainty. if true SHTF arrives .. PM's will have a limited opportunity before peeps want barter goods as they need to eat to live.

    Keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times and enjoy the ride.
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  14. DKR

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    If you want a lesson in practical horror - take a long look at Argentina today. You see our or our children's future if the Hillary gets onto office.

    For a more immediate vision - any of the PIIGS will do - Spain is prolly the best owing to additional issues with internal politics. Farmers are and have been reporting food stolen out of their fields for the last four years.

    Hope you have your bicycle all ready to go
    Have a lot of LTS chow
    Are prepared for long-term power outages....
    Etc, etc, etc. It's not just coming - it is on your doorstep today.
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  15. Ganado

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    You know Argentina has been taken out twice in the last 50 years by out covert government? Its not Argentina, its us.
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