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    The economic ramblings of Ludwig Von Mises.
    A very informative and interesting look at the life of one of our leading Economic libertarians. If you are not aware of Documentarywire. com., There is an abundance of good, informative documentaries there.

    Liberty and Economics: The Ludwig von Mises Legacy | Watch Free Documentary Online

    Here is one on called "Rise of the Republic; Don't tread on me...about the rise of the Tea Party and it political goals.


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    Some Libertards are trying to spin "deflation" to the current printing press debacle, ala Wiemar Republic.
    When you see sign and stores stating "We trade gold for paper money" we have deflation but until then ,
    1 Don't hold your breath ( unless you like blue as your terminal color)
    2 invest in tangibles and
    3 invest in your self reliance skills. You will be proud of your perspicacity if you do.

    Laus Deo
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