Edgepro Professional Sharpening System

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    Aloha Monkeys,

    Yes I found this as I was looking for something in the shop as well...

    Only used once... I love it and actually think it is the best if not one of the best systems out there in my humble opinion... and I like that it has a scissor sharpening attachment as well... I know a couple guys who have knife and scissor sharpening side businesses that use this system... funny they say that hair dressers are the best customers... and are very picky about their scissors... and this does a great job....

    I am used to my water stones and power equipment and so this is just gathering dust.... once you get the hang of it... everyone will be asking you to sharpen their knives... a buddy in Washington has to take this to the relatives every holiday season to sharpen all their knives on their holiday visits ;)

    Check it out here for more details... Look at EdgePro 4
    Edge Pro Inc. Professional Knife Sharpening System Heavy Duty

    $Gone shipped to the USA (this is bulky and heavy and won't fit in a flat rate box)

    Anyway... thanks for looking... if you are looking for a lifetime sharpening system... this is the one I would recommend... and don't let the relatives or neighbors know... or you will be busy... then again... you could charge them, like a few people I know ;)








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    Aloha Monkeys... let's move some of this clutter off the bench and out of the shop... Take $Gone off and call it $Gone shipped ;)
    Happy New Year All !
    Take Care and God Bless,
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