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  1. being a moose, I have considerable experience in dining on grasses and other plants and thought it might be a good idea to discuss some that may benefit humans too.

    Types of Edible Grass

    When ever an individual consider eating grass, you may consider a herd of livestock grazing within a open up field. You may consider a pony enjoying hay. You would possibly even image a moose as well as lambs biting up blades of grass. Anything you probably will not envision can be yourself eating grass.

    Although having grass could be an activity restricted to mooses or animals in many people’s brains, other people take in grass so that you can supplementation his or her eating plans. This approach grass-consuming trend has become specifically popular in recent years, when folks have become ever more cognizant of the actual vitamins and minerals with grass. All grasses will not be edible by simply people, nonetheless. The edible grasses excellent for human consumption are generally cereal grain grasses, for example wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa grass, as well as oat grass.

    Wheat grass is regarded as the common type of edible grass. Wheat grass can be bought when clean generate through heath food merchants as well as growers markets. What's more, it can be acquired as a product, pill, or frozen liquid. The majority of actually prefer to mature their own personal wheat grass at home and fruit juice it them selves for optimum taste. Wheat grass products customers with a wide range of dietary fiber and also chlorophyll. Wheat grass fanatics state that wheat grass can assist your body restore by itself from disease and soreness and that wheat grass are able to motivate as well as refresh shoppers.


    Barley grass is a second grass delicious by humans. Barley grass could be in particular competent at giving important minerals along with vitamins and minerals if it is expanded in great ground. Barley grass is made up of top numbers of iron, protein, calcium, as well as vit c. A number of barley grass shoppers furthermore advise that it will help equilibrium pH ranges, decrease cholesterol levels, and improve the amount of beneficial microorganisms from the intestines. It can be there to be a smooth fruit juice or even as being a powdered ingredients. Barley grass can even be purchased for a supplement dietary supplement.

    Alfalfa is an additional breakfast cereal grain in whose grass is designed for people to drink. Alfalfa grass is made up of potassium, zinc, phosphorus, iron, silicon, copper, magnesium, calcium, selenium, and beta-carotene, all of these are of help to promote your body’s all around health. Alfalfa’s roots could go strong directly into soil, soaking up various vital minerals belonging to the the planet as well as shifting these to shoppers. Recommends from alfalfa grass propose that alfalfa grass contains medicinal properties which can be helpful in minimizing fevers, strengthening the digestive system, assisting the flow of blood, and additionally cutting down soreness. Hardly any purposeful medical facts has been accomplished yet with supporting these kinds of statements.

    Oat grass is another assortment of grass edible from humans. Oat grass is made up of magnesium, potassium, lecithin, iron, chlorophyll, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin products A, B, C, E, and K. Additionally it is a useful source of protein. Oat grass can be reduced growing and tenderer than other types of edible grasses and quite often requires a particular juice extractor to be able to juice it correctly. Oat grass features components in addition to benefits comparable to those of wheat grass.

    You might be having oat grass, alfalfa grass, barley grass, or wheat grass, make certain you lower your grass with a consumable form, such as a liquefied juice or simply a natural powder. Humans can’t breakdown raw grass well enough in the original actual physical form to be able to result of it the force along with nutrition necessary. This is the difference between men and women and mooses, which have germs inside their stomachs that may digest grass as they break down it.
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  2. Wild edible plants are raw super food! They have incredible energizing and healing powers and they are absolutely FREE!!! This is the best cost saving and personal energizer tip for raw foodists! Below you can find an overview of the most popular and available wild edibles.
    So what plants can you eat? The wild edible plants below are all great in salads and juices and you can find them anywhere. Most people know these plants already and they are very easy to recognize and find.
    And if you don't know them? The internet will help you tremendously. Wikipediais my favorite internet resource. It shows great pictures and describes how the wild plants look and where to find them. If you'd rather like someone to teach you in person, I suggest going to the scouts. I find them very knowledgeable on this subject and a great resource.
    Wild plants are free, delicious and nutritious. And it's lots of fun to look for them (much more fun than going to the super market). Bring your kids along, they love it! What a great way to get you a raw food meal!

    Wild strawberries
    These berries are rich in vitamin A, C, and K. In minerals calcium, iron, potassium, and silicon. They are good for fever, diarrhea, dysentery, liver, kidneys, and much more.

    Dandelion leafs are great in salads and juices. You can also eat the unopened buds raw (great in salads) Raw leafs have a slightly bitter taste. The leafs are high in vitamin A, vitamin C and iron, carrying more iron and calcium than spinach.

    You can eat the leafs of this well known weed. The seeds are high in protein, vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium (related to Quinoa).

    This is my favorite wild edible plant. In the Netherlands this is a notorious weed. You can find it everywhere. The plant is so strong! It survives both the hot sun and temperatures of -20.
    Nettle juice tastes surprisingly good and did you know that the plant has even more minerals than wheat grass?
    You can eat the very young leafs in your salad, but the older ones sting so you may not like to eat them raw. When you juice them, the stinging disappears. The fresh or dried leafs of nettle can be used to make a tea (don't heat the water above 70 C or 179 F).
    If you do get stung, rub the leafs of a plantain against the sore spot to relief the pain.
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  3. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    All excellent info. I am looking into the opposite end of the spectrum. Native poisons derived from plants. Enhancement and possible uses Post SHTF. I figure if I am forced to go up against hordes including possible rogue or illegitimate military or corrupt law enforcement, I will need every trick I can pull up. When I bought my last batch of hollowpoint 9mm, I looked at those huge nose pockets and thought to myself, those would easily take a tiny bit of potent poison and a bit of silicone sealent to hold it in. Any hit at all would get the job done. jus sayin'
  4. BTPost

    BTPost Stumpy Old Fart,Deadman Walking, Snow Monkey Moderator

    I always liked filling my JHP 9MMs with Mercury Fulminate. If they exploded on impact, cool enough, but if not the Mercury will make them pretty sick, after a few days.... nasty little things, they are.... ..... YMMV....
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    This made me laugh. My handsome husband and I are dead-locked on the issue of expanding the garden. I want to plow everything up and plant it all. He wants and loves his lawn. My response is, "Well, you can't eat grass".
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  6. VisuTrac

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    Mort, you and your moose gal keep eating those tender grasses. All I've got to say is VENISON .
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  7. tulianr

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    Have you looked at leaching nicotine out of tobacco with alcohol? There are few plants which grow in the US which will produce as potent a poison with as little effort. Once the alcohol evaporates, the resulting material is sticky, which would help it stay in a cavity such as a hollow point, and allow it to be used on an arrow, even a blow dart arrow.
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  8. chelloveck

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    Using a poison to extract poison.....hmmm....there's a nice symetry to that! ; )

    There's a range of plant and animal toxins that could potentially be extracted....rhubarb leaves, oleander....how about the poison glands from puffer fish or cane toads?
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    The initial post had wheat grass. Wheat grass has amazing benefits. It is easy to grow and you get about three harvests before having to start a new crop. Why Wheat grass? People store hard winter wheat seed or wheat berries. Growing the seed is so nutritional, 2 ounces of wheatgrass is equivalent toeating 4 pounds of green vegetables.

    50 Reasons To Drink Wheatgrass Everyday
    50 Reasons To Drink The Benefits of Wheatgrass
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    How about lemon grass?
  11. -06

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    Couple of points/ideas: human excrement in those hollow points will quickly over power their immune system. 2: you can directly consume most grain grasses after lightly cooking them. Our digestive system will not properly digest raw grasses. Sprouts are easily digested and packed with goodies. Do not forget the standard greens--mustard, tender greens, turnip greens. All need a small amount of cooking to prep them for ingestion. Do not forget the "big grasses"==bamboo/reeds. The tender shoots are easily edible.
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  12. VHestin

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    Aren't most grains just grass seeds, botanically speaking?
  13. -06

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    Now that is a good question. Good questions usually receive poor answers----and this one is no different....LOL.
  14. tulianr

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    I believe they are; and I can't think of any exceptions, off the top of my head. Any of the seed grain that I sow in my pastures are quite edible by livestock, poultry, and humans; and they could all be sprouted for consumption as well. Even corn plants are just large grasses, as are sorghum, and other canes.
  15. Motomom34

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    I have read that you should store wheat berries.
    My question is if you store them- i.e. in a bucket could you sprout them after a few years of storage. If you could- after storage I don't think the yield would be as great. But we store seed so VH is correct, right? If I went to the health food store and bought wheat berries I do wonder if I could sprout them.
  16. Motomom34

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    I have noticed that they no longer sell alfalfa, clover or any other sprouts. I don't think delis use sprouts anymore either.

    Kroger: Sprouts Are Too Unsafe To Be Sold

    I do wonder if the above are bacteria risks also for growing at home.
  17. BTPost

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    I sense an "Experiment" that needs to be done. By one Wheat Berry, and try sprouting it, and report your findings, back here....
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  18. Motomom34

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    Exactly my thought. I plan to do just that. I don't know how "fresh" wheat berries would be at the local HF store but fresher then stored. I am guessing 3 in 12 will probably sprout.
  19. kellory

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  20. VHestin

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    I would say the 'unsafe' sprouts are the storebought ones that have been refrigerated/stored for who knows how long in unknown conditions. I know that some of the salmonella/E. coli 'outbreaks' from storebought food, it turns out the cause was deer droppings/urine on the food. I am assuming that most people will not grow their sprouts where deer can use them for a toilet. And I've never heard of people getting sick from homegrown sprouts. Any of my homegrown produce, I give it a vinegar bath/rinse before it gets eaten.
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