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    Looks like a good list of steps that people should begin adopting as best practices.
    Index | Surveillance Self-Defense

    All digital tools, whether they are hardware or software, should be secure. That is, they should protect you from surveillance, and stop your device from being controlled by others. Sadly, this is currently not the case. For many digital activities, you may end up needing dedicated programs or equipment intended to provide specific security features. Examples we use in this guide include software that allows you to encrypt your messages or files, like PGP[​IMG].

    But given the large number of companies and websites offering secure programs or hardware, how do you choose the one that's right for you?


    Choosing Your Tools
    An Introduction to Threat Modeling
    Creating Strong Passwords
    Keeping Your Data Safe
    Seven Steps To Digital Security
    What Is Encryption?


    How to: Use KeePassX
    How to: Use PGP for Linux
    How to: Circumvent Online Censorship
    How to: Delete your Data Securely on Linux
    How to: Delete Your Data Securely on Mac OS X
    How to: Delete Your Data Securely on Windows
    How to: Encrypt Your iPhone
    How to: Encrypt Your Windows Device
    How to: Install and Use ChatSecure
    How to: Use OTR for Mac
    How to: Use OTR for Windows
    How to: Use PGP for Mac OS X
    How to: Use PGP for Windows
    How to: Use RedPhone (Android)
    How to: Use Signal – Private Messenger
    How to: Use TextSecure (Android)
    How to: Use Tor for Windows
    How to: Use Tor on Mac OS X


    Protecting Yourself on Social Networks
    The Problem with Mobile Phones
    An Introduction to Public Key Cryptography and PGP
    Attending Protests (International)
    Attending Protests (United States)
    Choosing the VPN That's Right for You
    Communicating with Others
    How Do I Protect Myself Against Malware?
    Key Verification
    Things to Consider When Crossing the US Border
    How to: Use OTR on Linux


    LGBTQ Youth
    Want a security starter pack?
    Journalist on the move?
    Mac user?
    Journalism student?
    Online security veteran?
    Activist or protester?
    Human rights defender?
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    Most secure is a closed system, but not practical for most. Mahalo @melbo.
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    Is there a password safe, like keypass that runs as not only a "portable app" but across multiple platforms. I would like to use a single thumb drive on my several computers. The computers in question run windoz 7, Linux Mint 17, and Mint 16. The managed passwords would be for various internet sites, such as this one.
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    KeePass for Win
    KeePassX for Linux
    KyPass3 for iOS

    My database is encrypted and stored in Dropbox with a local key file on each device works for all devices I use (single database)

    When choosing the version of KeePass (Win), you want the latest in the 1 version not the 2 version as they changed the db structure and it doesn't work with KeePassX on Linux

    Of course, I also back up my db on a stick once a week. If you don't want to use Dropbox, just run KeePass and KeePassX from your stick and keep the db and key file local. (On the USB stick) run which ever works for the OS you plug into :)
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    Really nice thread @melbo. Appreciate you sharing your knowledge and sources
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    I actually just make this s**t up as I go so I hope it works.
    Just kidding. You're welcome
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