Effects of Liberal Social Engineering

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    and OPINION piece that seems worth a read...........

    In my book, Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America's Racial Obsession, I detailed the economic and cultural social engineering used by the political left to compromise (read "destroy") the black family in America. I also said that populations of black Americans, particularly in urban areas, had been a test case for social programs and other devices implemented by progressive politicians. In other words, those social programs and policies deemed to be successful were to be (and are now being) applied to the general population. In that population, feminism – to name just one example – has been integral in subverting gender roles and fostering confusion with regard to the individual responsibilities of mothers and fathers. Given the ambivalence and occasionally grotesque modeling that springs from this, the stage is set for the cycle to continue as the morally rudderless children who come out of these families create families of their own.

    Despite the abject denials of leftist "experts" that families are outmoded, or claims that single parent households are just as viable as two-parent ones (feminist icon Gloria Steinem repeatedly insisted that mothers and fathers are interchangeable), we can clearly see from the resulting dysfunction that has arisen in families since the "Sexual Revolution" of the 1960s that this was merely rhetorically-convenient, self-serving propaganda.

    Now, Isabel Sawhill, a Senior Fellow in Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution who focuses on social policy and the well-being of children and families, has published an article on research which gives the lie to these progressive sensibilities.

    "We have known for some time that children who grow up in single parent-families do not fare as well as those with two parents – especially two biological parents," Sawhill says. "In recent years, some scholars have argued that the consequences are especially serious for boys. Not only do boys need fathers, presumably to learn how to become men and how to control their often unruly temperaments, but less obviously, and almost counterintuitively, it turns out that boys are more sensitive or less resilient than girls. Parenting seems to affect the development of boys more than it affects the development of girls. Specifically, their home environment is more likely to affect behavior and performance in school."

    Citing new research from Harvard professor Raj Chetty and a team of colleagues, Sawhill discusses the detrimental effects of single parenthood on boys and girls regardless of family income, "but especially for boys living in high-poverty, largely minority neighborhoods." Boys from low-income, single-parent families are less likely to work, Sawhill says, and less likely to go to college or earn a decent income.

    No kidding…

    These effects are largest when the families live in metropolitan areas (commuting zones) with a high fraction of black residents, high levels of racial and income segregation, and lots of single-parent families. In short, it is not just the boy's own family situation that matters but also the kind of neighborhood he grows up in. Exposure to high rates of crime, and other potentially toxic peer influences without the constraining influence of adult males within these families, seems to set these boys on a very different course than other boys and, perhaps more surprisingly, on a different course from their sisters.

    • – Isabel Sawhill, Brookings Institution
    "Repairing families," as Sawhill puts it, "is difficult at best." Like many such observers, she suggests such things as "providing more education and a different future for these young women may actually be just as important as helping their brothers if we don't want to perpetuate the father absence that caused these problems in the first place."

    And how are we to do this? It occurs to me that, as I indicated in Negrophilia, efforts directed at these symptoms are meaningless. Attempts to educate or re-educate young men and women as to the familial responsibilities with which everyone was familiar fifty years ago are utterly ineffective and self-defeating when government social and economic policy, media, the press, and education remain marshaled against the traditional family to the benefit of the socialist agenda.

    Read more at Research Reveals Detrimental Effects of Liberal Social Engineering on Families - Freedom Outpost
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    @OldDude49 Sir, having grown up without parents, neither mother or father, I can completely agree with this Professor's theory which I am sure he had to publish to be recognize for after all the academic world is, "Publish or die", correct?
    He says nothing that is not known...at least in my world. And, my world is the real world - not his. Now, to critic...
    So, we need a male figure...how original. My male figure was the United States military, thank God, but others were not as lucky as me...not sure why. What he does not address is what if the father figure is a...complete ass, an addict, or like my best friend (who happens to be black, actually brown) father's a hopeless drunk and gambler? Was it better then to have a complete negative figure than none? But, of course, he would never go so far as to address this and put his career in those dire straits...the spineless coward. Publish safe. My friend is the most noble man and soldier I have ever met, certainly more than me; furthermore, throughout his career he never, once, compromise any facet of his assign duties. In fact, more than once he was told to lower standards and pass the chaff. How good was he? He taught your sons and daughters how to stay alive in hostile, distant lands. He taught electronics and made everyone meet the standard yet was punished when failed those who could not make the grade ....His father was shit, like mine, but in my book he's a great man. And, what did this brilliant professor tell us? All children need a daddy, especially boys........geez, you think so? Gosh....I should have went to grad school... Sorry, sir, but I am sick to death of supposedly really smart people, because the have a Phd behind their name tell me, "OH! IT'S OKAY!!! ALL CHILDREN NEED A DADDY" or some tripe like this. Honest, I need a Ph.D. to tell me that? No thank you, professor...I am living the dream, because I made it and it's called...reality.
    A lab rat that should have died, get stuffed professor,
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    I take it that you actuually have read and understood Rav Chetty's research paper that Erik Rush is citing in his opinion piece at Freedom Outpost???


    I think that Rush's article in the Freedom Outpost, is less of an opinion piece and more of a shilling piece......spruiking his book ", Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal – America's Racial Obsession". Borrow the book from a public library if you must. Don't waste your money in purchasing it from Amazon or elsewhere.

    The other researcher that Rush cherry picks...ahem...cites from, is Isabell Sawhill from the Brookings Institute. Yes, Sawhill does preference two parent families in favouring better economic and social outcomes for the children of those families (as opposed to single parent families), but her suggestions as to how that may be accomplished will find little favour from the rabidly social conservatives among us. Her prescription is to delay child rearing by women and men by encouraging such interventions as contraception et al. Yep...sure....have all the sex you want before marriage, but save conception until actually married. Planned Parenthood would be providing a social good in supporting those who actually want and plan for the children that they wish to assume the responsibility of parenting and most importantly, financially supporting.This approach also works well for economic conservatives who don't want the tax burdens of subsidising the products of unplanned pregnancy. Now these are radical ideas for social conservatives to come to terms with.


    More on Isabell sawhill's delayed, intentional pregnancy thesis can be found at.....


    Erik Rush's article has as much impact as a wet noodle lashing.


    But if one simply must engage in that kind of silliness....then there are ways of minimising the collateral damage to oneself.

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  4. OldDude49

    OldDude49 Just n old guy

    I think the article was speakin along a general line rather then specific cases...

    there are always exceptions.........

    it is also pointed out the roll some other things SEEM to play....

    all and all it is still an opinion piece.......

    thought it was worth a read
  5. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    I agree....well worth reading critically.

    Edit: @OldDude49 My replies are not criticism of you for posting the article...my criticism is of Erik Rush's article in the Freedom Post. His suggestion that the problems of impoverished single parent children is all the fault of liberal "social engineering experiments" doesn't follow from the articles he cites...other than his own book, and he doesn't offer any evidence based research that does support his thesis.

    Sawhill and Chetty's inclusion in the article, arguably, is mere window dressing, giving a veneer of academic truthiness to his own viewpoint. Perhaps he is relying on his audience not to bother actually reading what Chetty and Sawhill had to say. Rush is writing for his journal's (WorldNewsDaily) economic and socially conservative constituency, telling his constituency what they want to hear.

    The article was worth reading if only for the purpose of parsing its faults.
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  6. Bandit99

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    Yes...worth reading. I apologize. I was harsh. However, gentlemen, I am quite tired of people with letters behind their name that have no clue or experience or knowledge (debatable) about what the hell they are talking about. They learn everything from...books. They say what they want, when they want, how they want with little fact other than some tainted test of white or black trash (of which I am the former). I am being unfair, I know this; however, I am the real deal. I grew up with no parents, with a grandmother that hated me (I learn to hate her back), relations that saw me as a burden and even though I was abused, they would not say or do a damn thing.... So, I understand the kid that has no one. And, it is not about a man or woman, mother or father, - it is about any person that cares and takes the time to...care. A man, women, straight, gay, black, white, green...frankly, I don't think it matters as long as the individual has the child's best interest at heart. And, don't play me like am I an uneducated rock, I didn't take a Masters because it wouldn't pay but my Bachelor's GPA would have got me into any university in this country, not bad for a street urchin that was working the entire time. Now...onwards...

    "you actually have read and understood Rav Chetty's research paper that Erik Rush is citing in his opinion piece at Freedom Outpost"
    No. I have not read it (but will...maybe). Understood it? Are you implying I cannot? Let me ask you, Mr. Person, who are you that you accept some piece of paper so readily? Because it has a PhD behind it? Great. I admire people who actually go out and get shot at, spat at and shat at...they actually seem to understand the world not those that sit in some corner, safe and sound, who never smelled danger or...difference...and publish paper. I don't think this is hard science for certain it is debatable...And, yes, it is a 'wet noodle.'

    But, this has hit a sore point with me as has this professor that thinks because 'he/she' says every child needs a father it is now true...and important. Of course they need a father! Idiot...as if his/her ink on paper changes a damn thing... And the same is for conception...does it take a PhD to say "hump yourselves to unconsciousness but wait to have kids until you're ready" Please tell me my tax dollars did not pay for the data collection of this study! Wet noodle, indeed...tripe.

    "Now these are radical ideas for social conservatives to come to terms with."
    They are not and your politics blind you. Social conservatives? Radical?...How to address this... I believe financial and social conservatives are much the same, at least very close. Furthermore, I believe both know (if they indeed are not of the same group) that unplanned pregnancies do occur out of marriage and while they don't like the outcome they know these things happen and will continue to happen. I am what I think to be a conservative but, I am also a supporter of Plan Parenthood...However, I do not think PP should be supported by the tax payer. Why? So they fornicate on my dime making bad decisions on top of mistakes or accidents? This, sir, will never do. But, that is too harsh...trying again...it is not the place of a government, supported by the means of the tax payer to provide contraceptive or abortions - period. Perhaps a charity or a church? Sir, you will never get the majority to agree to this and rightly so. However, I am not against providing education...but I wonder why education cannot be done in biology class? Furthermore, Pro-choice? I am one that think it is none of my business. Let the states decide. And, frankly, I would go farther and think it should be the women that decide but that's my opinion and I know it is not popular and unrealistic... Yet, I consider myself a conservative. A social conservative? Truly, I am not...at least I think I am not...Onwards...

    One last thing, I had a child, when I was 15, I was a child myself, as was the mother...so yes...I understand. And, no, I didn't walk away. Oh, that is just a small bit of the story, the struggle...a very small bit. But...it doesn't quite fit in the Professor paper, does it?
    Tell me Professor, tell me again, how it is in Utopia...ah, yes, write much and do...nothing. But, make sure you publish, oh yes...publish.

    PS. I am sorry gentlemen, I am not being fair but this is a paper is about a horse that has already left the barn and some academics think there is still safe mileage to be had...and it disturbs me greatly because it is specifically about me. I am sorry. Please forgive.
    PS. "The Impacts of Neighborhoods on Intergenerational Mobility: Childhood Exposure Effects and County-Level Estimates...I am reading it in the morning...
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  7. Bandit99

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    After sleeping and thinking more about this, I realize this ruined my evening which was in all respects a very nice day. The reason is it churns up things that I would prefer to remain buried and I find myself unable to discuss these topics without emotion plus I cannot contain my own prejudices; I am too close to the problem to be able to discuss it rationally so... So, I am removing myself from this discussion. I post my apology which I hope you can accept; I honestly am not like this and enjoy intelligent and deep discussions which I hope we can have in the future. I apologize for my conduct, my harsh and sometimes hostile behavior and I freely admit that the document has some value if taken in general.
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  8. OldDude49

    OldDude49 Just n old guy

    With respect my apologies..... it was not my wish to insult, upset, or trouble anyone with this post!

    IMHO most people have similar issues about something that troubles them...

    I know I do..... best wish's and may God Bless and keep you and yours well and safe.
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  9. chelloveck

    chelloveck Diabolus Causidicus

    Rick. No apologies needed. However, your willingness to revisit your post is appreciated and you have my respect for it. As we all seem to be in apology mode (as opposed to apologetic mode) I must assume some responsibility for your reaction to what I wrote.

    While I was drafting my reply to the OP, you had beaten me to the post as post #2 so that when I posted what became post #3, my post may have given the impression that I was responding to your post....not post #1. I'll edit my post to reflect the fact that I was responding to the OP and not yourself.

    Some issues by their very nature attract emotional responses....that is no bad thing necessarily, it just means that one needs to be aware of it. Not everything needs a calmly dispassionate response. It would make this site a remarkably boring place to visit if that were the case. The art of it is, overall, to maintain a reasonable balance between emotion and dispassionate reason.
  10. Bandit99

    Bandit99 Monkey+++ Site Supporter+

    @chelloveck @OldDude49

    Thank you gentlemen for being so gracious. I look forward to our conversations in the future.
    Kind regards,
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