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  1. OldDude49

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    heard this stuff can be helpful with flu's n some virus'

    anyone got more info?

    also see claims of zinc lozenges?

    got this stuff says is made of elderberry, raw honey, and apple cider vinegar...

    hmm say 1 teaspoon up to 3 times a day?

  2. chelloveck

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    There is some scientific evidence that elderberry in syrup form can help relieve the symptoms of cold and flu and help prevent a cold or flu from developing into bronchitis or pneumonia and may help inhibit infection in short term exposure situations, but does not offer any benefit as a preventative on a long term basis. Keeping a strict regimen of hand washing will probably be more effective than taking elderberry as a preventative. I will post the relevant link later.

    Edit: NB: Although Novel Corona Virus is an upper respiratory disease, like cold and flu viruses, it is none the less different to both of them and the active ingredients of elderberry syrup may have little effect beyond that of a placebo. If it provides some relief, even if psychological beyond boosting the body's immune system, well and good but risk minimisation strategies are probably going to give you better bang for your buck.

    @OldDude49 Should I take elderberry supplements to ward off flu, coronavirus?

    The elderberry concoction may give some symptomatic relief, and help give the immune system a boost, but it isn't a miracle cure...if you want that, then try Jimmy Bakker's (silver solution) snake oil, which not only supposedly cures Novel Corona Virus, but several kinds of venereal disease as well! :rolleyes: Jim Bakker: My Venereal Disease and Coronavirus Cure Also Heals SARS and HIV YMMV.
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    Keep in mind that last year Elderberries became the latest Grant Funded super food craze to hit the scene. So you are going to hear for another year or two about it curing everything and fortifying yer body against everything. Until it peters out in the Grant Funding arena and is replaced by the next thing that the Grant teat can be milked for.
  4. UncleMorgan

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    From what I've heard Selenium and Glucosamine supplements interfere w/ viruses, making colds and the flu shorter and slightly less miserable.

    This direct from a virologist.
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    FWIW I saw a couple interviews with infected individuals, both from the Diamond Princess. One had no symptoms at all, but was quarantined because he tested positive. His wife was also infected but had recovered and was released. A second individual had only a slight, occasional cough. He was also in quarantine because of a positive test result.
    All those individuals were "middle age" probably in their early 60s or so.

    We've had a single case in my state since mid-January. That individual has since recovered and has been released from quarantine.

    Some of those in the medical field have reasoned that so many in China had died (other than the fact that large numbers had been infected in the first place), majority of them men, was because something like 50% of all Chinese men are heavy smokers and already had respiratory problems and compromised health when they were infected.

    I'm beginning to think that the worst part of this virus is the fear, anxiety and the mystery associated with it. And the way that some are behaving as a result is more frightening than the virus. (Costco in Hawaii)
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    Some years we have a good ice storm here that knocks power out from 2-3 days to 2-3 weeks. Every time this happens there is a big run on Generators and there is not a generator or gas can to be found in 100 mile radius during the first 24-48 hours. Which most folks power is restored within 24 hours. But this panic buying happens every single time. I did find the 2009 ice storm funny as hell though....... folks made their run on generators and gas cans and then found they could not fill the gas cans up because the gas stations couldn't pump gas. Power Company and Government were bringing in tanker trucks to keep their equipment fueled up. Then the day the power comes back on Craiglist and the local swap sites are loaded with cheap generators with 5-12 hours on them. Same mentality with the virus irrational fear and a lack pre event preparation creates a sense of panic, which is more contagious than the disease.

    If not for my existing lung damage from the Sepsis I would not be taking this nearly as serious as I am. But I am also not out panic buying......... I already had all my supplies in order :)
  8. sec_monkey

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    @Thunder5Ranch and @chelloveck are correct.

    there are gud nutrients in berries but do not buy the hype. they cannot treat any disease and it is illegal for them to claim that without clinical research according to the FDA****.
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    Kale, Asian Greens, Mushrooms, Blueberries, Rhubarb, Okra are some the things over the last 15 years that our tax dollars were given away to for fly by night farmers and not for profits to exploit. One of our local leeches landed a $35,000 specialty crop grant to grow 1/2 acre of Okra and determine if there was a market for it locally.... back in 2010. Stupid me had been growing and selling Okra for $3.00 per quart container for 10 years prior to that. What the ladies grew with their $35,000 in tax payer money was 1/2 acre of 6' tall weeds and never sold a single Okra pod and their ***Farm*** was out of business before the end of 2010 market season. Another one 2012 $65,000 to grow 1/8th acre of Sorghum cane to determine if it was marketable, their *Farm* closed the spring of 2013. Folks would be amazed at how much tax payer money gets pissed away on things like Elder Berries.
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