ELE or Adam and EVE?

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    OK, so i'm up late doing some research and something clicks in my head. Have you ever had one of those moments when your subconscious serves up some links that you didn't consciously think about? No? Well it happens to me all the time. I was looking into Elon Musk and his Mars project. He has talked about some Extinction Level Events (ELE) in the past and although AI is a major point of concern to him there are also other scenarios. Tin foil hat lounge is probably the right location for this.

    They just released a bunch of the CIA, MKULTRA, PSYCHIC DRIVING papers online and there are millions of pages to go over. For those of you who can speed read, they are here. People have started scouring through these to find out what was going on in the 50s and 60s. That is almost 70 years ago and we are just getting it now! Feeling a bit behind on CRUCIAL information? Me too.

    Long story short, the CIA used(uses?) a bunch of psychics to find stuff on Mars. The papers outline how they verified that the psychics were legit with blind tests, and they were. Then the papers outline how the psychics were hypnotized in order to gain more thorough access to their abilities. In this state they asked them questions about certain places and locations including Mars.

    The psychics determined that about a million years ago there was an ELE on Mars and people may have attempted to leave the planet after destroying it. It was green but severe dust storms covered it and turned the green/yellow to red. This has happened on our planet in smaller scale with the dust bowl of the 30s and today's current animal and invertebrate genocide. Just google why are the bees dying or are we in the 6th mass extinction or something along those lines and you'll see it.

    The idea is that we have damaged the environment so badly that currently about a 1000 species of animals die every year and 45000 species of bugs, insects, and invertebrates go as well. Wait for the punchline.

    Did we leave Mars a million years ago because we destroyed the environment there only to do it again here?

    What no laughs? OK, so linking all of these together we can start to ask the real questions. Let us assume that there is a chance that this is accurate and is what the CIA discovered back in the 1950s. Whether or not it is true does not matter because the CIA and their overlords believe it so they would have taken action. What would those actions be? They would most likely be to do anything and everything they can to make sure people stay alive. Do we live in that world now? Remember the Georgia guide stones? That seems like something that you would make as a new Bible/rule book for the survivors if you knew a lot of people were going to die. What about all those coffins from the Alex Jones documentaries and all the millions of bullets federal employees bought including the post office? There seems to be a LOT of evidence that the CIA believes this.

    Bees and other insects pollinate plants that we eat and animals eat and are the source of all of our food. Solar flare is easy to survive compared to covering the Earth with dust.

    So is there a message from Mars sent to us from the past? Some people believe that the moon is that message. Why have we not gone back? Why do many people think it is hollow? How does it orbit impossibly around the planet if it wasn't done on purpose? Did you know we can explain every moon in our solar system and how it got there EXCEPT for our own? Since the moon landing we have had amazing technological advances to our people. How did they get so much so fast? How is such a massive leap possible? Would a one world government be required to make it to space/Mars or stop the current ELE before it finishes us off?

    The speculation is that the Nephilim where the children of those travelers from Mars that landed here. They are referenced in the Bible and there are giant skeletons that still remain on earth and it fits right in with all historical accounts. Could these giants have traveled here in the moon as a ship from Mars when they destroyed their own world? Why were all references to them scrubbed from our history? This would be easy to dismiss as speculation but there are DNA tests that show non-human DNA mixed with our own. Also, how can we get to the moon to prove this? Its easy to believe the mainstream story when we can't go there ourselves to find out.

    Dust Bowl - Wikipedia
    Colony collapse disorder - Wikipedia
    Nephilim - Wikipedia
    Giant Skeletons Have Been Found Buried in Mounds Across America

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    Makes sense to me. But then I started at an early age of being weird and peddling a bicycle 6 miles in the heat of a Texas summer to read Heinlein at a small town library. That use to perplex the Librarian to no end.
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    I would do the same. I am now in a cold climate and the thought of riding a bike anywhere does not sound as fun. Even in 100+ temps I would ride all day long. Below 20 degrees and I'm staying inside.
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    Steinbeck - Grapes of Wrath - people moving west across the continent to escape an environmental disaster they helped create, destroying the environment as they migrated, only to come to the Pacific as barrier to contain their destructive behavior. Maybe we inherited a self destructive gene from our ancestors of long ago who fled a planet they had micromanaged to death. Those who have learned to adapt to the environment, living in harmony with it, have been enemies of the State, Native Americans, Australian Aborigines, Hottentots, and many others genocided in the name of civilized progress, which eventually progresses to total annihilation, or is halted in it's tracks by a visit of a big rock from space...
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    I just looked up pictures of the Nephilim skeletons, that is pretty neat.
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    Mars became a cold desert world before life of any kind evolved on Earth. It died because of a few serious flaws....
    1) Too far out from the sun. It's COLD out there, not enough sunlight.
    2) Mars has little or no EM field to deflect the solar wind, which stripped the atmoshere and surface water away.
    These are also why any future attempt to terrform Mars into a living world again are doomed to failure. Any colony we put there must be sealed and shielded.
    Mars had it's chance, and rolled snake eyes. Man needs to go further afield to find livable planets.
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    Mars will be but a stepping stone as the Moon will be the first step.
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    As weird as it sounds, I do believe some of this. And, by my own reasoning, it makes much more sense then some of the tripe we have been taught because - well - it fits and explains a lot. I am not sure about Mars being the birthplace of us or of its dying but I do believe there is enough evidence to take a leap of faith and state we have been visited by species from other planets and, possibly, we are their offspring or even creation. There. I said it. And, now you can consider me a whacko.

    @Oltymer "Maybe we inherited a self destructive gene from our ancestors of long ago who fled a planet they had micromanaged to death."
    Or, maybe it's simply we just don't know so we just don't care. We are ignorant of the fact that it happened before so we don't believe it can happen - so - we don't care. Besides, living isn't easy, even in the 21st century, and it takes the major portion of one's life just to get the basics: food/water, shelter, clothes. Who has the time and strength left to delve into such a deep subject which doesn't have a true answer, only theories, speculation.

    Having said that, I have found it is not until I have gotten older that I truly have had time to think, and think clearly and tie this with my life's experiences/education which has helped me to ask the right questions even though there seldom is a conclusive answer.

    I believe, if there is a destructive gene, and there might well be, it is an overly developed predatory gene/instinct or perhaps it is an acute survival gene/instinct. And, even this might be nature's way of balancing out mankind. We kill each other because we are top of the food chain, at least for now.
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    In 1200 AD the peasants didn't have a clue about what was going on in the world. All they knew was what their rulers told them to know. Their lot was endless toil, hunger, hardship, privation, poverty, ignorance, a low standard of living , a short life, and an unending stream of famines, droughts, plagues, and invading armies.

    Today we have a higher standard of living. Hooray for us. But we still don't have a clue about what's going on in the world. The real world, that is. Not the carefully tailored, homogenized, and propaganda-packed version of reality that the government rams down our throats every day.

    It's not so different from the movie "They Live!", except that in reality "They" are the human ruling class and the extraterrestrials that own them.

    We, the peasants, are supposed to stay asleep, obey, work, reproduce, and ask no questions.

    It's about time the truth started to come out. But make no mistake: it's being allowed to come out as part of out gradual acclimation to the fact that we are not alone, and that we are not the Masters of the Universe.

    Our own government is an easy 1,000 years ahead of us, and the extraterrestrials are millions of years ahead of them.

    Just for giggles & grins:
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    @UncleMorgan Very interesting video...so much so that I am considering joining Gaia to find out the rest of the story.

    Can I ask when was this video was made, is this recent? And, if you could tell us if they found out anything more about this find?

    The only reason I can give why I doubt extraterrestrials are here and own governments is I lived in the TS SCI world most of my adult life and even in that world to keep a secret, certainly something like this, would be almost impossible...then again, given some have spoken out about this existence and the almost limitless power to discredit, discourage, propagandize, threaten or even kill to keep it quiet and that most people do not even want to believe this....well, maybe I'm wrong and I should reconsider it.

    EDIT: Don't misunderstand me. I know they visit here, past and present, but I have doubts if they are in contact with governments here.
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    Make no attempt to say what happened, but other than a little innovation in software and the micro nature of electronics, there has been very little progress in out world since about 1950. The latest rocket is 100 % based on Von Braun's first one, their has been no break thru in atomic energy, nor airplanes, etc. Most research in medicine is based on the concept of throwing things at the wall and see what sticks. Hard to explain what happened from 1935 to 1955, 1 mile altitude rockets to orbital, fabric airplanes to the SR71, micro grams of fissionable material to tons, tubes that sometimes worked to the transistor, modern electronics and radar, the whole sensor revolution, first spy satellites had to return film to earth to mega pixel motion picture cameras in cell phones, etc. Whole field of hydroponics and modern agriculture, the concept of the gene and changing it. Kind of makes you wonder where it came from and why it stopped.

    The more we go into genetics, the more it seems to be a mish mash and that at one time the entire gene pool was down to a few thousand people. The Germans knew how to build much more powerful jet engines in 1943 and they would run for hundreds of hours, not 10's of hours, but they did not have the materials to mass produce them. The same with high velocity tank guns, etc.
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    AH! Where to begin, where to begin?

    First, you don't need to pay to see things at Gaia.com. Just scout around at the bottom of their webpage. You'll find the videos and some followups.

    There is a date associated with the video. It's only a year or two old. Since it came out, another group of three mummies were found that are of a two distinctly different species. They are what I would tentatively call "worker/drones".

    If I remember correctly, one is female and the X-ray found her to be carrying eggs. Non-mammalian, IOW, so all three are probably reptiloids. The large mummy is probably that of an Ebon, or an Ebon/human hybrid.

    The Ebon (large Greys) are really big on manipulating DNA and populating star-systems with sentient species made to order. The little grey guys with the big heads and big slanted eyes are bio-drones. Android workers they use for minor chores, including abductions and cattle mutilations.

    The U.S. government has been in contact with E.T. races at least as far back as the first saucer recovery in Missouri in 1931.

    The latest information I have on the Big Picture pretty much supports conclusions I came to decades ago: We are rather like the Marshall Islanders during WWII. We just happen to be in a strategic location while a war entirely beyond our understanding rages around us.

    In our case, it appears to be an almost eternal war/geopolitical-economic conflict between three main players: The Ebon (large Greys), the Reptilians ("Gator-guys") and the Nordics (tall blue-eyed blondes).

    WWII was just one of the minor skirmishes in their three-way war. The Nordics were backing Hitler.
    Oddly, the Reptilians (some, anyway) seem to be reasonably benevolent to humans.

    That's all entirely aside from the Annunaki, who ruled the Sumerians (and just about everyone else) until they had a little inter-family nuclear war about 6000 years ago.

    You can get up to speed on all that by searching Linda Moulton Howe and Mark Sparks on Youtube.

    They'll make your brain spin.

    And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

    Talk about High Weirdness--Reality really is far stranger (and much more complicated) than anyone can imagine.
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    @UncleMorgan I must of missed the date on it, still don't see it, but I went directly onto YouTube it says: Published on Jun 20, 2017 so not so long ago.

    Recently, for some strange reason, I found and have been watching Linda Moulton Howe so I do understand some of what you are talking about. I have done a bit of reading about the Annunaki which I found interesting and highly possible. I have no idea who or what is a Mark Sparks but the name is easy to remember so I will look for him the next time I have time and am reading this stuff.

    I thought the Gator-guys (the Reptilians) were the bad guys, had anger issues and had no love for humanity while the Nordics were soft spoken, generally good and wanted to help humanity? Guess I fail my ET exam, need to study harder LOL!...I did remember the little and big Greys are always associated with abductions (little) and fooling around with DNA (big), playing God...wonder what that is all about?

    It is sort of interesting but must be taking with a grain of salt as a lot of it is simply conjecture, misdirection and out-and-out lies by people that simply looking for press time or a bit of fame; however, I do think in Linda Howe's case she is stating the truth as she knows it or thinks it to be. She seems to try hard to keep it on a professional level.
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    Whether the enemy be Illuminati or Annunaki, Global Warming or Cooling, global collapse or new world order; I just want to keep my tribe safe and obscure in any tribulations.

    It's all believable but way too complicated and contradictory.

    May God save us each at his own judgement. I reckon things will make a lot more sense then....
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    God says, β€œ Trust me, It will all work out!”.
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    I trust the one whom I have known for most of my life Jesus , God of heaven, who teaches me the things I need to know .
    There are many different creatures that are present on this earth ,some we have yet to find. Some on land like the giant found recently in Afghanistan ,some in caves, and so many more in the oceans .
    Having dealt with spiritual creatures, that do both good and evil, my eyes are open to more things out of the ordinary than most have observed .
    I am aware too that these creatures too can lie the same as humans do , so any thing they say is not necessarily gospel truth .
    Men are easily impressed with the intellect of something different then them self . if a dolphin could speak English what it had to say to me would only be from it's point of view, and what if any stories handed down if any, from their point of view, not necessarily facts or truth.
    Before some one throws scripture arguments let me remind that Jesus provided the Holy Spirit to teach in His place what God's will is to His individual believer, because men tend to use scriptural knowledge to manipulate others. I endeavor to weigh things I read an hear and see by What God teaches me concerning them.
    Men manipulated with scriptures to one another and even Satan tried to tempt Jesus with an abuse of scriptures Matthew 4;
    The mistake people make turning to mediums and Ouija boards is the evil spirits provide enough information to get hooked and a distraction from the knowledge of God . If I were invisible and fallowed you around, I could pretend to be you, it's that simple.
    Things people wrote 10,000 years ago or at any time for that matter doesn't necessarily all represent the truth .
    This is what makes the Spirit of God with in a man more significant .God's character is consistent from my understanding ,both from my own study , His intervention in my life and the lives of so many others I have known personally and they whom have shared their experiences as well .
    With out the Spirit of God for instruction ,men are subject to all kinds of smoke and mirrors.
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    @arleigh some people claim to know/hear Jesus and God and what they really are hearing is evil. Anyone, no matter what their belief system can be fooled. Just because you believe in God does not make you immune to evil. This thread isnt about religion its about looking at possible alternative history that has been ignored by traditional historians and mainstream media. Please don't turn another thread into a religious debate.
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    The history of censorship probably goes back to the invention of government, because people in power soon understand that the only thing that keeps them in power is the belief of the people.

    So they start telling people what to believe, and suppressing everything contrary to the Official Truth.

    UFOs have been around a long time. So has their war. The first recorded aerial battle between UFOs occurred over Nuremberg, Germany in 1561.
    1561 celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg - Wikipedia

    Here in the US the pressure to conform in the '50s and '60s was a huge deterrent to people who would have otherwise reported sightings and interactions with UFOs and ETs.

    Except for the loonies, of course, who revelled in the thrill of the 15-minuite spotlight.

    After WWII, the US Government actively suppressed everything on the subject. They debunked every incident, regardless of the ridiculous lengths they had to go to to do it. They destroyed reputations, intimidated witnesses, or killed them outright if they couldn't be shut up any other way.

    They had to. They had no other choice. The stakes were too high.

    They knew, without the slightest shadow of a doubt, that unrestricted knowledge of the existence of superior non-human races would have wrecked every major religion on earth, toppled governments like dominoes, and destroyed the world's economy.

    It would have been no different from the destruction of the Native American culture by the technologically superior white culture, except that this time the whites would be on the receiving end, right along with everyone else on earth.

    Our planet has been quietly conquered with no fuss, no muss, and no loss of any productivity useful to the alien races.

    Which would not have been much, but just keeping us from being a annoyance was reason enough to conquer us.

    Mostly, what the aliens do is make sure the people in power keep the natives from getting agitated.
    We are not allowed to do anything contrary to their wartime objectives--whatever those objectives may be.

    Right now, the truth is slowly being revealed. We are getting small doses of Reality, but only because they want that to happen.

    We are building up our resistance to culture shock.

    This thread (or anything like it) would not have been tolerated twenty years ago. We would all have learned what a boot on the neck felt like, and we would have all been given two simple messages: silence is survival, and families will pay the price.

    Everything reverse-engineered from alien technology has been allowed. Everything released has been allowed. That does not include anti-gravity. There will be no consumer goods that employ anti-gravity technology.

    We let the Native Americans have steel knives, but tried hard to not let them get their hands on guns.
    At least until various governments armed them to fight against their enemies of the moment, and the profit motive inspired a lot of gunrunners.

    Our situation is much more complex, because we have been playing around with nuclear weapons.

    The Ebons (large Greys) seem to be concerned that humans are destroying this planet. They seem much less concerned about preserving the human species, as such.

    That's reasonable: good real estate is hard to find, and they can always design a better sentient race to occupy it.

    Bob Dylan sang the truth. He said "Bleg-gliyze, blaygh-blargh munglaylglijum!"

    That translates to: "The times, they are a'changin'."
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    If we could just unlearn all the falsehoods and errors of our ways, we would be closer to the truth than we are now. Humanity is far from knowing what it needs to know. If we manage to survive ourselves, we may eventually end up witnessing truth on the horizon, but only if we do not sacrifice our humanity in a futile attempt to save it. It's a pity there's so much wasted talent and untapped potential.

    And we're far more than these meat suits, FYI.
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