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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by ghrit, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. ghrit

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    Here we go, it's started already with the primary turd slinging ads.

    It's incumbent on us and everyone else to make sure our wishes are known. If you are declared, vote in the primaries, then make sure you are positioned to vote in November.

    Now then, I can hear the bleating about how one vote makes no difference. Well, if you don't vote, you deserve the governance that someone else picks out for you. You do, indeed, deserve it, and I have no problem if you wish to be controlled by some a$$wipe picked by others. The problem with that for me is that you are taking me down with you. That's NFG out of the gate. I don't mind losing in a contest, but losing by others defaulting on their responsibility just rubs me wrong.

    "All politics is local," the late great Tip O'Neill is reputed to have said, and it's true enough. That's why voting in the primaries is so important, it influences the state races which are WAY important in the midterm cycle. Take the time to go to the primary polls, that's where you'll be heard if at all.
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  2. chelloveck

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    Agreed....show ponies, party hacks, and nags fit only for the knackers from any party, shouldn't get anywhere near the starting gate in the provincial races...let alone the Grand National.
  3. kellory

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    If you don't vote, you got no right to bitch.
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  4. ReadyYankee

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    Meh. Even not voting is still a choice. (Says someone who regularly votes and volunteers on campaigns)


    Our districts are so gerrymandered, when Congress has been "suffering" all time low approval ratings while individual congressmen have been enjoying strong, even all time highs, where's the contest? The consensus is, "my guy is David up against 434 Goliaths."

    This is still the best analysis I've seen in our political atmosphere ...

  5. Motomom34

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    I missed some of the primary stuff. I need to join a local something. The local R's seem to be doing their own deals and forgetting that the people need to decide not them. They all got together, switched races then told the people. Now who do I join? R's., teaparty or libertarians? The state has a large majority of independents and libertarians, that is how we end up with all those Dems.
  6. kellory

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    more importantly (IMHO), who stands for what.
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  7. Yard Dart

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    I think being affiliated with either of the two major parties leaves oneself as, just a sheep in the crowd, being told who you will support. And I for one will not be led in that manner... by anyone either locally or nationally. I think of myself as a constitutional conservative independent citizen. And I will vote for and support those that follow that line of thinking regardless of their affiliation. We have to many drones in office that just vote as their leadership in each house dictates. I want a man or woman in that seat, who can listen to the people, make their own judgment on the facts with a constitutional and conservative minded approach.... and vote that way.

    Now that being said, I don't think I could ever vote for a democrat due to the fact that there is no such thing as a moderate anymore. They either all follow the party line of hard left logic or they are purged by their own party. I can not support putting in someone that will just be hammered/tricked/bribed/lobbied into being a drone for socialistic policies..... that is what put us in the position we are now. To much complacency in a pretty face and not enough attention to background, previous voting records, and their statements on policy..... Our nation should not led by a popularity contest..... but over the last 8 years or so American Idol candidates having been using the media to fool the sheep... and that has run this nation into the ditch.
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  8. ghrit

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    Yes, it's a choice alright. It's a choice to let others pick out your representatives. If that suits you, by all means do nothing to make your wishes known. (Yes, I know you are active, you said so. It's the sheep I aim to shear.)
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  9. kellory

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  10. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    My voting record is all over the board. I vote for the person and whom I feel is correct. Then I have my husband who believes vote party only, same that Hugh Hewitt preaches. Party over politics. I don't like that.
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  11. Motomom34

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    Okay here we go..... So we have a Senate seat up for grabs. The current idiot needs to be voted out. So lots of conservatives jumped in. Then the backroom deal happened and some Congressman decides he wants the seat so the other people drop out. So now today we have an Independent that jumped in the race. Don't know anything about this guy but I will study him. Last solid 3 way race got us a Dem Gov named Hickenlooper...

    The latest polls show that Rand Paul would soundly beat Hillary. I think this shows that CO is more independent that most think. People's voting pattern show that the 2 parties are not what people want.
  12. STANGF150

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    Thief!! Thats what I tend to say about Voting!! LoL

    This year one those I'll be voting for, in local Clerk Of Court race is a Democrat. For sum the thought of voting for ANY Dem may be repugnant. Me, I'm registered as Unaffiliated/Independent, neither party is going to take my vote for granted & I vote for the Person, NOT the Party. Now why am I going to vote for her you may wonder. Cuz in 26 years of living here, only one candidate or their supporters has EVER came knocking on my door to talk to me to solicit my vote. I even asked her for one her signs to put in my yard, since I live at a sumwhat busy intersection. Normally Election Signs sprout here like weed, & like weeds I pluck them up! As for another Democrat Kay Hagen in the Senate, yeah her Obamacare arse has Got To Go!!!
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