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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jim, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. jim

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    Well, it looks like the Democrats are in charge. I don’t like this, but at the same time, I’m not freaking out either. I know that some will call this whining, dooms-daying, or whatever. I’m just looking at things as I see them, and without fear. My thoughts are as follows.
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    Seeing as how the DNC position on war hasn’t changed since the early 60’s, I predict that we’ll withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, we’ll withdraw from the war on terror completely even if we do make a sham of resistance. Since this will cause the servicemen’s lives already expended to be wasted, I’d like to see the troops withdrawn pdq instead of dragging it out in the manner of Viet Nam. And since we’re back to Cut n Run, we’d be better off doing it quickly as possible and save as many American lives as possible. I have this gnawing feeling that the DNC will drag this out and turn it into a bigger quagmire than thought possible for whatever reasons they deem fit.

    Right now, the Jihadists are delirious over the election results. They know that they will win now, and it’s only a matter of time. Prior to yesterday, I felt we had a one in three chance of winning. Not because of lack of ability, but because of a lack of will and help to the Islamists from the left, MSM, and other fifth columns. Today, I feel that our chances are an optimistic 5%. The one ray of hope in this equation is the illegal aliens. Most of them are devote Catholics. Couple this with the well-recognized Hispanic martial abilities, and there may be someone that will proactively resist the Islamo-Facists. Time will tell, but get a copy of the Koran so you’ll be ready when the time comes.

    Iran will develop their arsenals, and become the premier military/political power of the Middle East. We’ll have lots of problems with them however long we last.

    Next elections will get us a Democrat President. I pray it won’t be Hillary. Anything else would be far better.

    At the minimum, we can look forward to higher taxes, more social spending and a little more wasted funds, more gun restrictions, less personal responsibility, less liberty, the military getting shafted, etc. In short, they will attempt to lead us to the socialist utopia the Klintonistas envisioned. I guess we’re headed toward being the United States Western Europe style.

    I also think that the ones crowing the loudest today-barring professional politicos- will be the ones howling the most in anguish when the current course of events reach their natural conclusion.

  2. E.L.

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    The only way the democrats could force the withdrawal of trops would be by elimination of their funding. I don't think this will happen as they would immediately lose their support. I actually woudn't be surprised to see the democrats call for an increase of troops on the ground in Iraq, then later attempt to force withdrawal. Not right away though.
  3. Tango3

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    The conspiracy side of me always thought iraq was partially an excuse to move our pieces on the board so we'll be inplace for a possible resource grab by china or russia...kinda thought we were twiddling our thumbs there to run the clock ( just to be there to ensure our access to the oilfields.)?

    I aso expect if the dems start holding inquisitions (as promised) into everything republicans did from the last 5 years it would bite them in the butt for the 08 presidential bid. Americans are getting tired of the partisan blame game.I'nm not shocked but i didn't reallybelieve they'd be able to do it.They've been talking about "their plan" for xx for years, well let's see it, time for them to put up or shut up. I have hope.(I'm not sure why)....
  4. CRC

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    Friend of mine wrote me today...and said this:

    He should be a politician....;)

    Congratulations to the Democrats on taking the House and (most likely) the Senate.

    Although I have deep misgivings about the way forward on several issues, the voters have spoken, and as a conservative, I'm looking forward with hope.

    Here's hope that the Republicans will reform themselves, rooting out corruption, returning to fiscal discipline and moderation.

    Here's hope the new Democrat majority will govern with wisdom and integrity. The newest members seem to be of the Truman Democrat/ Scoop Jackson Democrat mold - perhaps they can bring reasonableness and moderation to their party, as well.

    Here's hope that the executive and legislative branches will find a way to work together for the good of the nation.

    Best wishes to all
  5. monkeyman

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    With Dem controle of the house and senate and a Rep they hate with a passion in the White house and the war being attached to him personaly in the eyes of many many people, I foresee the ability to run the war in even a remotly reasonable way with hope of sucess being ham strung in order to get their way in getting us, at least in their minds, out of the war but makeing certian that it is as big a SNAFU aspossible so as to have it reflect on the Whitehouse and by extension on the Rep party, the simple impression things were mishandled got them the majority after all and they can blame it all on the white house reinforceing the idea that it 'Bushes war' and that if he would just leave it alone it would all go away.

    I think they will most likely try to get the white house also before they go for the guns since their last bid at that lost it for them but I dont see any pro gun stuff getting passed in the mean time either.

    On the up side the Rep president and Dem houses may stale mate each other on every thing else as well and keep us from getting any more screwed up laws passed for a while.
  6. ghrit

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    GWB hasn't weilded the veto hammer often enough to make me comfy with that idea. If only he would --
  7. kckndrgn

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    If I remember correctly, Bush said he would sign another AWB if the senate/house passed one. It never came up so the Clinton ban went away.

    So, who thinks they wont try to get another ban in place while Bush is still pres? I know the Dems were hurt when the '94 ban was put into law, but I suspect they will be trying again.

    On another note, I know that Pelosi has her 100 hour plan, but I can only seem to find a partial list of what she wants to accomplish. I seem to remember reading somewhere her complete list, anybody have an idea what is on her complete list?
    I know she wants to increase min wage, rolling back some of Bushes tax cuts and cutting student loan interst rates. What else has she got planned??

  8. Clyde

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    Bush will be a rubber stamper from here forward on everyting except Iraq/Afghanistan. Hell, he has been a rubber stamper and 'New Deal Republican'. Jefferson just lost his lunch over the direction the party he created has taken. I think were fooied until conservatives get a taste of what democrats can accomplish......even worse spending and taxation than Republicans have become.

    Perhaps we will get lucky and have a total economic collapse in the next 5 years. This will get the mexicans to go home, the public nipple suckers will all perish, and the only people left will be the true conservatives! OH, be careful what you wish for, Clyde!
  9. melbo

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    Oh man, an optimist [ROFL]
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