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    So I see an ad for this sharpener and I thought, hey, my mom and sister could use this when I am not over to sharpen their knives. Also, I have a widower friend with a drawer full of dull knives. For their purposes, I did not see a problem with taking off a little too much steel for the convenience.

    So I bought a couple of them, including one for me to test out first. Not good to give out crap...


    Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017K5JW9W/?tag=survivalmonke-20

    So I bought a couple of them, including one for me to test out first. Not good to give out crap...

    Oh, and crap it was. So I decided to use an old Swiss Army Knife as my test subject. Followed the instructions. And it ground up the blade. Chewed up one side and basically turned it in to a misshapen butterknife. It ate up metal and made it dull. The sharpener is not even, so one side got chewed up way more. Disaster. Do not but this junk.

    But not all is lost, I reprofiled it and got it back to shaving sharp. Only now, it is a kind of ugly recurve.

  2. Dunerunner

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    Thank you for your sacrifice. :D

    I can cross that one off my wish list!
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  3. Cruisin Sloth

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    Im going out on a limb here !!!
    @Hanzo is a great foodie , but has not got a mechanical touch / flair .
    These are toys but need a feather sweep & a swap of the guide position to get the other side of the blade while the stone cuts the same direction ..
    I can cook with a credit card , but hands on sharping with machine / steel is what I can do .
    I have one of these for the wife & folks :
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    Glad to know...wife would have a fit if one of her Henkles had been disfigured!
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  5. Seawolf1090

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    I have tried a few handheld sharpeners, but I keep coming back to a couple good stones, one a nice Japanese stone. It sharpened a blade I had nearly given up on.
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    I can get a blade shaving sharp by hand. But that device just didn't work for me
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    I got one if these from my dad.
    Use it to sharpen my axes, hatches, ditch ax, ect.
    It actually works pretty good. I need a new belt for it.
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    My wife callede while I was at work, and asked me where I kepty favorite Gerber skinning knife. I made the mistake of telling her. When I got home and looked at the knife that had nothing but ceramic rods used on it keep it shaving sharp, the once pristine edge looked serrated!
    To make a long story short, a friend looked at it and said the edge looks like it had an electric can opener sharpener used on it. It took me two days to get the edge back in decent shape. At the next gun show I bought a Japanese knife for $2 and I gave it to her and told her the next time the can opener sharpener is hungry feed it this.
  9. Seawolf1090

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    My Dad taught me to sharpen knives. His prize fillet knives were strictly forbidden for anyone else to touch.
    I used to sharpen shipmates' knives in my Navy days.
    I also hate serrated blades with a passion. Never could get one sharpened.
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  11. Ura-Ki

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    I got one of those worksharp belt Sanders a year or so ago, works really great for breaking a new edge and actually works quite well for blades with a waisted shape. Swap out to a fine grit belt and it does a respectable fine edge! I can usually just strop them and they are good to go. Some of my better blades still require stone work to get the final edge but it all good!
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    I too have a worksharp. Love it! I have also used a small belt sander from harbor freight with the same idea as the worksharp. I like that because you can use any grit you want and bought a leather belt for it. Works well. My issue is getting the angle correct on harbor freight setup.
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  13. Cruisin Sloth

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    I dropped the cut throat & strop in the 70's for the twin blade razor & cut myself till i learn t.
    forgot the blood pencils name , but i used those as well as TP bits. Many thought i was learning how to shave , but a sharp cut throat is was my way back then . I got's a beard now , Fred Flintstone face keeps me shaving twice a day or I get 4 oclock shadow
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    Styptic. I know them well.
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    Ahh yes
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    I've got a Work Sharp as well. I never mastered knife sharpening by hand. The Finlander tried to pass these things down to me but usually gave up after a couple of seconds. I had trouble concentrating when cartoons were on tv. :D
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    First and only time using an electric knife sharpener was at about 10 years old....back of the can opener. Not a pretty sight. I almost ruined my Case pocket knife, swore I'd never do it again. And haven't.

    I have a 3 sided Smith's Arkansas stone that I have used for about the past 30 years...for the good knives. For daily and chore touch-ups, lately I've been using a Smith's 2 sided diamond hone. About $15 at wallyworld, and it does a pretty dang good job...shaving sharp!
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