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    Well not b00bs literally :shock:,but admittedly I found this hit home.:


    I haven’t exactly been having anxiety attacks over the coming move, but the stress level is definitely elevated. So I started to wonder why. After all, nothing I’m planning to do is exactly new or unknown. I lived without utilities in the Hippy Bread Van for almost six months. I’ve been using a bicycle as my primary transportation for decades. I’m used to biking in the snow and cold to get to work. The only thing I’m not experienced at is living off grid in the winter and being without a refrigerator. So why do I have days where I just want to curl up in a fetal position, renounce all doom and gloom thinking and rejoin the polite society of Pollyanna’s?
    Now I think I’ve figured it out. I’ve been securely clamped to the electronic/information teet solid for the last year and a half. Every day was at a minimum of three hours plugged into the Internet. Most were four hours total. I’ve become more addicted to the Web than I ever was to TV. I don’t want to leave its sweet embrace. The radioactive glow delivering information overload to my grey matter has corrupted me. The forced parting will not be pleasant. In the few lucid moments I experience every day I actually start to think the best thing about this move will not be the financial freedom or the increased self sufficiency, but the cutting of the electric umbilical cord. No power for much TV at all, and no Internet connection. Even if I get Internet to the trailer once again I won’t have the juice to power the computer for too long. My addiction will be restricted instead of only controlled by my need to sleep and keep the wife marginally happy.
    Nothing wrong with the Internet. It is wonderful. But as with all things, moderation is the key. I should have known that.
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