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    Yah, well, it was my first time making dumplings from scratch so I followed the recipe, to the letter. Plain old white flour but that's easy to change now that I know what to expect.

    Tough day today because of the snow: we received almost five inches and I shoveled out twice at work and once at home after work. That's a pretty good workout for almost anyone. Especially someone who hasn't been working out regularly. Oh, yah, I have been working out every morning. Well, it's still a work out so there.

    Weight: 213.8
    Bodyfat: 30.4

    Lunch: big salad
    Dinner: Spice Rubbed pork chops with asparagus
    Breakfast: 3oz yogurt
    Snack: Lora bar

    40 pushups
    40 situps
    1.5 hours shoveling 5" snow.

    We're under a winter storm watch beginning tomorrow night and lasting for 36 hours in which we could get 6-8 inches of additional accumulation. Bring it!

    Let's get out there and make it a great day!
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    We are working on Paleo bread using almond and coconut flours and other things. I love soft boiled eggs but miss my gluten free bagle to have them on.

    So I will devise a egg yoke soaking up device

    The wife came home with these the other day and they make a great sandwich wrap. I had scrambled eggs in them this morning too. Really good stuff. Come in different flavors

    image. image.
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    20 gms of carbs is to high a price for me. I see lots of people trying to recreate different elements of their old diet and struggling to hold onto pizza, bread & pasta. It's part of the SAD (standard American diet) trap that sucks you in and lulls you to complacency so before you know it, you've fallen back into lock step with the food pyramid and the rest of the dietary tricks.
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    I've missed a few days of posting because of the snow storm. We've received about 14" of snow so my wife and I decided that it'd be a lot easier to attack the shoveling job in stages to prevent the accumulation from getting ahead of us. We shoveled three times to keep ahead and each time it seemed like we had received an additional six inches. We did manage to keep ahead of most of it and we helped our neighbors clear their driveways as well.

    Talk about a full body workout. Whew! What a core treatment that'll do ya'. We did have a small snow thrower/blower to help with the really heavy work, but it still requires a cleanup because it's a smaller thrower and won't scrape to the hard ground. I'd push the snow thrower through the show and my wife would scrape the leftover bits into a pile that I'd return and throw up onto the drift. Our little snow thrower wouldn't cut through the plow rows from the snow plows after the city went by so we were left to carve those packed piles into manageable sized shovel-fulls and throw that stuff the old fashioned way.

    Before all this started I put on a crock pot of vegetable chicken soup and simply let it cook. That way, we had hot food whenever we came in from the cold and the liquid helped to rehydrate as well as warm and refuel the body. I haven't been on the scale since Friday morning so I don't know what my statistics are but I'll check them tomorrow morning before work. I like to weigh each day at the same time, for consistency, after my shower and before I dress. We did have a breakfast of bacon, eggs & a piece of toast yesterday before the shoveling began, so...

    Hope y'all have survived this weather event and taking care to stay warm and safe. Don't forget your pets outside if'n you have cold weather like we do here because they can freeze to death pretty quickly when it gets this cold. We plan to finish our chores around the house today and mostly just stay inside except for pulling some cabinet doors out of the camper so my wife can get a coat of paint on them as part of the remodel. (We're waiting for warmer weather to patch and paint the exterior fiberglass shell and steel frame.)

    Let's get out there and make this a great day!
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    But looking at the ingredients, its all on the Paleo/Primal diet.

    Zucchini 6 gm per
    Apple 25 gm per
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    Thank you for posting these and showing the ingredients. These sound good, I am going to google and see where I can find them in my area.
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    We got them at whole foods. The spicy ones are great with scrambled eggs.

    They are pricey but good. 3 sheets/package but we usually cut them in half. I am going to try making some in the LEM dehydrator.

    They are on amazon and at thrive market
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    Sorry EL for derailing your thread. I will remove and start a new post if you wish.
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    No apology needed here. I figure we're all hanging around to learn something so it's cool with me.

    Quiet day here after shoveling snow for what seemed like forever. It was really, but it seemed like it while you're doing it.

    Back to work today and I had to finish cleaning up the snow mess there because that's part of my job too, and I'm glad to have a job and do whatever...

    Weight: 217.6
    Bodyfat: 30.2

    Lunch: leftover chicken vegetable soup
    Dinner: Lasagna (very non-primal so that's me slipping up, huh?)
    Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs and 2 cups of coconut coffee
    Snack: 3oz dark chocolate and 2oz almonds

    40 pushups
    40 situps
    6,651 steps

    I'm wiped out so we're not gonna' try and walk in the snow/slush/yuck this evening.

    Let's get out there and make it a great day!
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    Cold weather continues to hold sway over the region and we're no exception in Central Kentucky with highs today only reaching about 42° this morning early and falling throughout the day to our current temp of 32°. I hate this crap! It's why I left Minnesota and moved to Kentucky. Somebody better get this weather snafu thingy worked out, ricky tick! I don't feel like moving again.

    On another note, today was a fine quiet day with the exception of the ravings of a few lunatics that feel it necessary to complain about the weather, like it's going to have any real effect.

    Weight: 214.2
    Bodyfat: 30.3

    Lunch: big salad
    Dinner: Chicken fajita salad
    Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs and 2 cups of coconut coffee
    Snack: 2oz almonds, 1 Clif Bar, 2oz dark chocolate

    40 situps
    40 pushups
    40 bicycles
    I didn't measure my steps today because my fitbit was dead.

    Did I mention that it's still cold here?...

    Let's get out there (with a heavy coat on) and make this a great day.
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    I have been absent from the forum for a few days because of a death in our family. I visited my family in Minnesota for the funeral and chose not to take my computer with me, so I was out of touch with y'all but back in touch with them. I am very thankful for the experience to visit with them but sad for the opportunity. All went as well as could be expected and I'm glad to be home.

    While I was there I was complimented by the opportunity to share with both my sister and her daughter, my niece, about the Primal Blueprint and they are excited to examine the program. My niece has already begun reading Mark Sisson's book. That's pretty exciting.

    My return from the "Great White North" was precipitated by a major winter storm that dumped a foot of snow in some places that I had been motivated by the desire for self-preservation to "get out of Dodge." I made it safely to report that when I left the temperature was 27° and light snow and when I arrived in Kentucky the temperature was 70° and mostly sunny. How's that for evidence of living in the right location?!

    Weight: 216.3
    Bodyfat: 30.4

    Lunch: cup coffee
    Dinner: Vegetable Chicken Stew, 2oz triskets
    Breakfast: 2 Clif bars
    Snack: 4oz raw almonds

    Situps: 50
    Pushups: 50
    Side Situps: 10 (5 on each side)

    Let's get out there and make it a great day!
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    Feeling pretty rough because there's a bug going around and I caught it; maybe from one of my co-workers or maybe from my wife who also has it now.

    Weight: 215.2
    Bodyfat: 30.9

    Lunch: several granola bars (I had to use my lunch hour to hit the market so I didn't get to eat anything)
    Dinner: Pizza (it's Friday and I'm weak)
    Breakfast: 2 cups coconut coffee
    Snack: 5oz tequila

    Situps: 50
    Pushups: 50
    Side Situps: 20 (10 on each side)

    My son has graduated truck driver school and I will be driving to pick him up tomorrow so he can return home to obtain his license with his graduation certificate. Let's get out there and make it a great day!
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    My son has graduated from the Tennessee Truck Driving School and already found his first employer. He'll be picking up his CDL on Monday from the DMV and ready to step into the next phase of his life. I'm really proud of him for selecting a career path and then making it happen. I picked him up from school yesterday and brought him back to our home so he can orchestrate the next part of his adventure.

    My diet yesterday was a little wonky but I managed to not stray too far from the Primal path:

    Breakfast: 2 cups coconut coffee
    Lunch: 12oz ribeye with green beans, coleslaw and 4oz french fries
    Dinner: Primal chili (no beans) with 4oz corn chips
    Snack: 3oz tequila

    No exercise today
    No weight today since I jumped up and hit the road for the three hour drive to the school in Tennessee

    Hope y'all are well. Grok on! Let's get out there and make this a great day!
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    I've been watching too much television and struggling with current events. Between the economic events in China, the political events here at home and the stock market overall, it's feels pretty hairy to me. I wouldn't like to be considered an alarmist, but I'm worried for all of us.

    Combine my anxiety with my diet fluctuations and I'm not surprised to see my weight yo-yo around because of my lack of discipline in my daily intake. Argggggg!

    Lunch: can of spam and 2oz pepperjack cheese
    Dinner: Chicken breast and primal rice
    Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs and 2 cups coconut coffee
    Snack: 2oz tequila

    50 push ups
    50 sit ups
    20 side sit ups

    Weight: 215.6
    Bodyfat: 29.8

    Let's get out there and make this a great day!
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    Things are beginning to calm down at our house now that all of our house guests have vacated and we are back to "empty nesters." It a strange circumstance within which to operate and I have to learn to cook for two, again, and scale back recipes, etc. I've continued on my exercise program and feel like I'm getting stronger.

    Lunch: Chicken Salad
    Dinner: Spice rubbed pork chops on bed of primal rice and broccoli
    Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs and two cups of coconut coffee
    Snack: 2oz tequila, 2oz dark chocolatge

    50 push ups
    50 sit ups
    20 side sit ups (10 each side)
    5 planks (15 seconds each)

    Weight: 213.4
    Bodyfat: 29.0

    Let's get out there and make this a great day!
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    So, been working along with my program only to have a break down: I blew out my knee. Don't know how or when because it just started swelling without apparent cause. I can't remember anything that would have caused this including too much Tequila (I wish). I noticed it last week when there was just a little swelling and by the weekend it was the size of a football. Visited the doctor and have an appointment with a Orthopedist on the 19th (soonest available). That blows my entire workout scheduled as well as riding my bicycle or motorcycle and anything else fun like hiking/walking etc. SUCKS!
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    The knee healed without any real intervention and we have been all over the emotional spectrum as well as selling the farm and moving to town. My primal journey has been completely blown apart but I'm still maintaining a pretty good base weight. Most recently I weighed in at 212.8# and I consider that a major accomplishment. I have been controlling my appetite a little and eating smaller portions but the content is completely off the rails with the only thing I'm still managing is to avoid sugar.

    I've been gone from here for a long time, several years, but I'm going to be hanging around some again. It would seem some of those with whom I'd been interacting have been absent as well and I hope they are well and busy "being."

    Remember, All are One.
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    Glad to see your return!!
  19. ghrit

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    ^^^What he said.^^^
    Interesting results with the amaranth before you moved. Did you manage to make some bread?

    The primal folks haven't been around recently. I wasn't following the program, so took no notice.
  20. Elessar

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    Never used the seeds for anything except replanting. I did eat the leaves and they were great. My gardening post shows a picture of a tomato sandwich with the leaves and I remember that it was very good. That why I'm trying to grow some again. The other greens that I've been working with have been "ok" but they don't normally survive the heat of summer so I'm back to buying produce from the market. The Amaranth was great all summer until frost.

    Thanks for reading my stuff. Good to see you here...
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