Ellenboro, NC storm 1/11/12

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    Thought I would share this video and pics of the storm that hit locally. WARNING: The video does contain some language that may not be suitable to everyone. It was taken by a local couple who happened to come upon the tornado forming.

    Tornado in North Carolina forms in front of couple's car - YouTube

    This picture was take from nearby Bostic,NC:


    This one is of a trailer that contained a Grandmother with her 4 grand children. They are all okay:

    twister. ellenboro-storm-damage-2.
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    The man was a good model for calmly dealing with a situation. Thanks for posting that Carly
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    He was very calm. I have to say that there was a lot of panic in the area. One of my nephews is a fireman in Ellenboro and another is with the county EMS. They both say that they had their hands full with panicked citizens. If probably didn't help that there was no warning from the NWS or local sirens. We were in a tornado watch and the tornado dropped and hit Ellenboro before the weather service could issue a warning. We were fortunate that the injuries were minor. Maybe this will encourage more of the local people to prepare better.
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    Wow, that must have been some experience....they were SO lucky that it didn't swerve and touch down right on them. The man was so cool and collected and knowledgeable but his wife(?) could have got them killed by refusing to get into the ditch. I live in a house with no basement, only an inaccesible crawl space and no interior rooms - it would be destroyed in an instant. So my preparation for tornadoes has been lots and lots of prayer, not much else I can do!
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    I kid you not...I have seen this down the Bayou...
    When a waterspout approach's a shrimp boat these old cajan's will shoot at it with a 12 guage...and some will pull out a large knife or machete and make slicing jester's and say prayer's in French....It seem's to work.!!!
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    Gator, I may need to learn french. Granny I understand. I don't have a basement either. One family was in their basement but it wasn't constructed well and the house collapsed trapping them for hours. I do have a friend whose cousins were caught in the Alabama outbreak. They sheltered in their crawlspace. Their house was destroyed but they all survived.
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    Just happy you and yours are safe!
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    Thanks everyone.
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    So sorry, Carly - I should have also said in my post that I was happy to see you and family were uninjured and safe and with no property damage. The outcome could have been so different. You will be counting your blessings for a good while, I suspect!!
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    Good to learn you made it safely.

    I have friends in Hickory.

    Their shed (wooden) was picked up and carried 75 yards over some trees and dropped on a neighbor's heat pump. Their camper moved about 6-8" (sideways) and their roof was damaged and needs replaced.

    Some tornado victims concerned about possible looting - News Story - WSOC Charlotte

    SLIDESHOW: Burke Co. homes demolished by tornado - Photos - WSOC Charlotte

    CHOPPER 9: Roofs ripped off homes in Burke Co. - Video - WSOC Charlotte

    Burke Co. homes damaged, destroyed by tornado - Video - WSOC Charlotte

    Storm victims: 'All we can remember is going around in circles' - Video - WSOC Charlotte

    Luckily they weren't home. He wished he could have filmed it and you can guess what she said.
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