Elliot Ness was a real person....

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by DKR, Aug 3, 2018.

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    Famous, or at least known, thanks to TV and movies, Ness was lionized for his battles with gangsters.
    And, that was all well and good --- the gangsters came to be owing to bootlegging, a 'problem' caused entirely by stupid Government policy - and later, by "popular" law.

    No, this is what caught my attention in Mr. Ness's bio:
    Mayor Harold Hitz Burton, who appointed Ness, sought to establish a safe environment in Cleveland, a city which had become overloaded with crime and corruption. Along with 34 agents under him, he began efforts to clean up the city and its crooked policemen. Conducting most of the investigating himself, Ness gathered evidence of the criminal activity of various police officers and took this information before a grand jury in October of 1936. Fifteen officials were brought to trial including a deputy inspector, two captains, two lieutenants and a sergeant. Two hundred police officers were forced to turn in their resignations.

    He is also credited with taming traffic issues in the Greater Cleveland area.

    He headed an Anti-corruption police force. Wow. Great concept...

    I think we need another Elliot Ness for today.
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  2. Zimmy

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    If we only had some far reaching federal agency that could look deeply into our population and monitor for criminal activity and corruption!
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  3. If only we some far reaching federal agency that would look into the politicians trying to ru(i)n this country and prosecute those that are corrupt and are doing corrupt things. If Richard Nixon had done half the things recent co-presidents have done he would have died in Leavenworth.
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    The corruption is at such a high level that even if caught they cannot be prosecuted. Look at Hillary, a perfect example. Does anyone doubt if they did the same thing(s) that she has done they would still be walking around free?
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