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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Tango3, Nov 19, 2008.

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    found an email "deadmans switch" called intriguigingly enough "deadmans
    basically an auto reresponder that sends you an email link, if you don't click it( or the second or third it automatically sends emails on your behalf. All you red list folks should sign up to give warning to the blues... [cow][shtf][beat][beat]
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    Somehow everyone would be notified that I had croaked or otherwise bit the dust. Alzheimer's hasn't hit me yet, but I've been known to forget to turn off the lights before heading out for a month at a pop. I think I need a better way. Besides, the act of registering for the service gets me spread around further than I'd like; could be a phishing expedition methinks. Anyway, count me out.
  4. kckndrgn

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    Actually, it would be fairly easy to setup, at least for me and a few people I know. Basically it a Unix job that is set to run every 30 days, send a specific email out, then monitor the incoming email for the response (my incoming email is already monitored for spam). If the system gets the response, nothing more needs to be done. If after 30 days (or some set interval) no response is given, then send your prewritten "I am gone" letter.
    No registration, nobody know about it but you. Now should there be TEOTWAWKI, then I will prolly miss the email and my "I am gone" notice would be sent out (which might not be a bad thing if you are trying to lay low, everybody thinks you are gone so nobody's looking).
    Yeah, I know over most peoples heads but being a "techie" it wouldn't be that hard for me to do, if I really wanted to.
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