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    If you are unconcious what information do you have on you to help the medics?

    There is a new program called ICE, In Case of Emergency, it is a number programed into a cell phone that the medical people can use to contact whoever. Parents, spouse, grandparents or trusted friend, if there is an emergency.
    I think this would be good for kids.

    Med-alert tags, a 'dogtag', or bracelet that contains medical conditions such as epilepsy, diabetic, pacemakers ect. some also have a phone # to call for more info, can also list med types. A nice system that has been around a long time.

    A card carried in the wallet by your ID would also help although it is not looked for as much as the Med-alert tag. Blood type and an ICE # might be good too.

    The listing of current meds and allergies to meds can save a life. Some people are allergic to lidocaine, Iodine, various other drugs.

    just a little thing I was thinking about today

  2. Tango3

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    Im'waiting for the injectable subcutaneous Rfid one...
  3. ripsnort

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    Huh??? Why wait Tango, they have been in use on livestock for many years! For livestock its just I.D., but you could have anything programed onto one. "The size of a grain of rice."
  4. BAT1

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    Worries us, huh Tango3. I will put some info on my pda or phone. Being allergic to morphine, I don't want that for sure. Docs gave me some one time, and it just about did me in. No chip for me thank you.
  5. ghrit

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    RFID for cows? What happened to branding?
  6. kckndrgn

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    Ya, I did the ICE thing on my Cell phone a while back. I've also got a small piece of paper taped to the back of my drivers license with contact information.

    Fortunately for me, no medical allergies, only food (dang shellfish :( )

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