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    I'm sure you've all seen one of those crow-bar looking things in those pre-packaged emergency kits. At least, I remember seeing a lot of them when I first started this adventure. They'd usually show up with a red 72 hour backpack and advertised that you needed it to shut off a gas main during an emergency.

    Does anyone have one or something similar and needed it? Couldn't you just also use a crescent wrench to turn off the gas line?? Am I missing something?

    Anyway, I ran across this thing and it looks more useful. Of course, anything that has an axe is pretty useful, especially when it looks like some medieval weapon a knight might carry.


  2. ghrit

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    In order, no and no. Yes. No.

    That ax looking thing has possibilities, but I have to say that multitools never perform like the right one. Ah, well ---. Anyone that buys or has one of the ax looking gadget, please post a review.
  3. DKR

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    Turning off your gas supply is easy - getting the supply turned back on, not so easy....
  4. CATO

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    Please explain....
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    Many places figure that it is too dangerous for the average person to turn the gas back on safely, along with re-lighting pilots. Additionally, there is the lingering question - was the repair that required the gas to be turned off properly done?

    Some towns have ordinances that outlaw turning the gas back on yourself.
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    Well to start -
    Warning, if you turn gas back on too quickly will burst the regulator
    diaphragm, turn back on very slowly.

    Sometimes there is a shield inserted into the inlet valve going from the gas line into the meter. The inlet side is the left side of the meter. These are usually put in place when the gas is shut off for non-payment. However, these shields are also used as a safety precaution along with turning the gas cock off when servicing the gas line or piping inside the residence.

    Resetting this usually requires moving the meter - and the gas company (at least here) will nail you to to the wall for that - tamping with service is a big deal.

    There are several other meter types that require different methods to restart - always best to call the gas company...
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    Thanks...that's the information I was looking for...just out of curiosity. I'm not wanting to do this.

    I can't imagine ever needing something like this unless there was a fire or earthquake. So, that was why I was asking if you really needed a tool like that. I guess if you lived in an earthquake zone maybe....it just seemed like a marketing gimmick....causing people to think "I better get one of those."

    The axe is still cool though.....
  8. jim2

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    When I was on propane it was no big deal to turn off and on again. I just used a crescent, and made sure all gas using appliances were also shut off. Then, when I was ready, I turned them on individually and started the pilot light. Never had a problem.

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