Emergency-Food Sweep & Spring Rebate Offensive

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    Crisis sucks. That's why, in the midst of some of the most widespread misery of modern times, the popularity of crisis preparedness is booming. Safecastle is right in the midst of the madness and mayhem, as folks scramble to get better situated for the days ahead. So in the humble spirit of doing our utmost to encourage confidence and hope ...

    We're pleased to launch our most aggressive U.S. emergency-food sale ever ... actually a series of food sales over the course of about 12 weeks. We are discounting most every kind of emergency food line in our store at some point during the Emergency-Food Sweep!

    We are also offering to our buyers club members cumulative Spring Rebate Gift Certificates on ALL emergency food purchased at Safecastle from April 1 through June 30!

    Summary: In addition to our standard free shipping for everyone on everything we sell, and the 20%+ club member discounts on most everything we sell, and our Mountain House Member Rewards incentives, we're now also offering up our own hard-charging spring stimulus package to those folks we call "too good to fail" -- including new temporary sale discounts and purchase rebates (details below)!

    For Everyone -
    Emergency-Food Sweep Series

    -Shop in our "Now On Sale" Category-​

    April 4 thru June 30 -Red Feather, Bega, Future Essentials, MREs, Honey, Ghee: 5% off (in addition to normal member discounts)

    April 9 thru June 30 - (to be revealed)10% off (in addition to normal member discounts)

    April 16 thru June 30 -(to be revealed) 15% off(in addition to normal member discounts)

    April 22 thru May 6 -(to be revealed) 25% off

    May 7 thru June 30 - (to be revealed) 35% off

    For Safecastle Royal Members Only -
    Spring Rebate Offensive

    Safecastle Royal Buyers Club member purchases of any storage food from April 1-June 30, 2012, via our online store's shopping cart will qualify for this Rebate program (must be logged in to your account for the purchases to qualify). Those purchases will qualify for as much as a 7% gift certificate credit (see below) to be used toward any future purchases in our online store before Sept. 1, 2012.

    Members earn ...

    3% rebate gift certificate if their total member food purchases from April 1 - June 30, 2012 have not exceeded $2499.

    5% rebate gift certificate if their total member food purchases from April 1 - June 30, 2012 have totaled between $2500 - $7000.

    7% rebate gift certificate if their total member food purchases from April 1 - June 30 exceed $7000.

    Important: One Rebate Gift Certificate will be issued per buyers club member for the sale period.

    Members must email Vic with a request for the rebate gift certificate. Vic will email a rebate gift certificate code within one business day of the emailed request. Rebate gift certificates will expire September 1, 2012.

    These offers are for U.S. customers only.​
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    A Few Free Club Memberships Still Available at the Moment

    Thought I'd mention here ... We have just 11 free buyers club memberships (value $49) left at this moment--see our Facebook page for the coupon code (please Like our page in return): https://www.facebook.com/Safecastle

    Those remaining free memberships will be gone shortly, so act fast.

    Note: Liking our page also gets you into our monthly drawing for MH food (prizes valued up to $400 each per month!)
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    Next phase discounts added! ...

    Next phase of the Food Sweep discounts is up and active ;):

    10% off Yoders, Keystone, and Grandma's Country ... On Sale - Safecastle
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    Example of a current sale offer: $100.08 club member price for a case of premium Keystone wet-pack meats--your choice. Stores for years and years!
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    I would check it out but don't do facebook. Its an opsec thing. Maybe some kind of contest for those of us that don't do facebook?
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    No but some of your other contests an coupons are. :)
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    Correct. We have given away about $60K worth of gear, supplies, food, and gift certificates over the last 2+ years via many different internet contests, giveaways, and incentive programs.

    In the last 6 weeks we have begun our first Facebook marketing effort to try to reach a whole 'nother group of people out there. So for the time being--that's where our focus is, in addition to our ongoing offers to our lifetime buyers club members.
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    Best canned milk out there, hands-down: Grandma's Country Cream 100% Real Milk. Now 10% off ... for buyers club members--just $100.79 for a full case. Fresh from the factory, 10-year shelf life.

    See all our current sale items: https://www.safecastle.com/emergency...d-rebates.aspx
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