Emergency Powers Act Conference

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GrandpaDave, Feb 12, 2012.

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    Sorry I havent been around much lately but I've been working with the KSRA our local version of the NRA on this emergency powers act... this act allows local governments to seize any and all firearms during a local/state or national emergency... as they did during hurricane Katrina

    First presented back in 2008

    While we did get part of that law changed to protect gun owners there been a new challenge and we're trying to head that off before it gains any ground...

    this new challenge BTW is based on illegal immigration... While I have no one group to point fingers at, it's almost like the gun grabbers are using the trouble down in Mexico to limit our rights as American gun owners... going so far as to suggest a nationwide registrations...

    Keep on your toes peeps... if I'm right we'll soon be seeing a new serge of fear mongering and projected hatred towards immigrant minorities as a ploy to deflect harsher gun restrictions...

    well we have a few more days to get our ducks in a row but I'll keep you guys posted on any new info... if there is any


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