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    I bought a half dozen emergency rain ponchos. They were cheap and disposable. When starting out on the prepping/survival journey, funds were limited so I found these yellow plastic rain ponchos, figuring something was better than nothing. They cost about $1.50 each, very compact and light. I finally got to use one and I was impressed. It did the job. I stayed dry and just wearing the thin layer of plastic kept me warm. I have some nice heavy rain ponchos now but these thin disposable rain ponchos are nice to have on hand. I know you can use a garbage bag as a rain poncho but this thin yellow poncho has a hood and has nice arm holes plus enough room to carry your pack underneath and not get wet. I have bought a few more to put in our glove-boxes and a few extra in our different bags. If you have small children, these will be to big for them.

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    "I have bought a few more to put in our glove-boxes and a few extra..."
    As shall I. I placed them into my cart and will order them the next time I order something from Amazon. Thanks!
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    This place often has some really good X mil Gear.

    If you can take the heat from passer bys!
    Military Ponchos - US and Foreign Military Surplus Ponchos - Keepshooting®
    Czech Army Vinyl Poncho - Head to Toe Coverage from the Elements - Keepshooting®

    Shop around, last time I was there they had two piece rain suits in Xl, perfect for tire changing or hiding in the brush when you avoid the in laws.
    Or this for a buck 95.
    Swiss NBC Poncho - Heavy Duty Military Grade Rain Poncho - Keepshooting®

    Or for the weirdos take this along on your next late night subway ride in NYC.
    Czech M60 Rain Drop Camo Trench Coat
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  4. Asia-Off-Grid

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    When I first moved here (Cambodia), I rented a motorbike (scooter type). I kept a handful of these under the seat during rainy season, as they cost almost nothing to buy here. (Less than 1000r / $.25¢ US.) I often saw Khmers caught in the rain and would stop and give them one. Sure made them happy. I always keep a proper rain poncho with me, especially during rainy season.
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    There are cheap little rain suits made exactly like the poncho. They're one-size-fits-all with baggy trousers as well as the top. They work superbly, just like the poncho.

    A person can fake the trousers just by splitting a trash bag and duct-taping pieces of it into two leg-tubes.

    Make them long enough to reach from mid-thigh to below the tops of your boots, and duct-tape them to your clothing.

    Quick & easy rain/cold protection.

    In very cold weather, tape 1/4" of foam inside each leg tube, and duct tape them at the bottom for draft exclusion.

    It's also easy to make a vest of 1/4" foam that you just wear under the poncho.

    Then you're go to go for anything short of a trans-Polar nature hike.
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    Decades ago, When my children were young we made these out of Trash Eliminator Bags... Poke a hole for head and arms in the Bottom, and your all set to go.... Only issue was, we also used them as Garbage Bags, and you would see the Green Plastic in local Bear Scat.....
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    Hope the bear scat wasn't former improvised garbage bag poncho wearers.....I guess that's the downside of wearing a garbage bag poncho in bear country....they associate garbage bags with food! :eek:
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    Yogi...Mr. Ranger's here.
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    That was really kind of you and a good point, these are so cheap that you can give them out to people in need. It is an inexpensive way to help someone out.

    @HK_User That $95 poncho is perfect for the apocalypse.
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  10. Asia-Off-Grid

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    I'm really glad you posted this thread. It reminded me to go out and buy some more of them. Thank you.
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  11. arleigh

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    I have used my army surplus poncho for decades, in rain and snow, like a portable home. .
    It's much heavier then modern plastic but more durable in brush country.
    But I keep the plastic ones handy for passing out to others.
    I was thinking of expanding the length on my own poncho for a floor length and using Velcro to create closures, as steel snaps tend to rust.
    A few years ago while I was still working and riding my motorcycle to work, I made a coat in a series of Naugahyde (vinyl over cloth) components, in place of my leather jacket and chaps ,that worked very good in the driving rain.
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