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    What if during a meltdown there were no electricity. In rural areas, how would you get water? Some say 'I have a generator.' But what if getting gas became a problem? The solution is a WELL BUCKET. Just drop it down a well by rope and up comes clean water. It's the best insurance for a small price. Check out my site for details. I make these, have tested them and they will last forever. What if you were the only person in your area who could access clean water? That would be worth a lot.

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    depending on the depth of the well a hand pump will work as well.

    There are some hand pumps from a company called Bison pumps that say they work for wells as deep 200 foot static level. I've never tried these but it is an option to look at
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    i think something to keep on the side is one maybe two or three of them pools the ones that are 8' across and 3' deep and the ring has to be inflated . you can pack one in a backpack and take it to a spot that has waterflow and set it up in minutes . or if something does happen and you have water running through your faucet still then you can set them up and fill them they come with tops and a tablets of chlorine once a week will keep the water clean . get a few of them water filter bottle that filter out the bactiera and use them to fill drinkin water bottle with .
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    Some PVC pipe, a check vualve and a pice of cable can make the well buckets pretty easy. May want to be sure you also have materials on had to set up a crank to bring the bucket up with though particularly if the water is deep. Think trying to haul a couple gallons of water (around 20 lbs) up say 200+ feet hand over hand, takes time and gets heavey, if each load produces more even heavier but if lighter you spend all day getting enouph water to do anything. If you get the rope on a spool though and mount a crank handle on it and have a couple fence posts and an axle to set up a crank over the well then maybe you can do 5 gallon at a time (longer bucket since diameter is limited by size of caseing) and have mechanical advantage as well as rest as needed if you have a loop to hook over the crank handle to hold it in place.
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