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    I would've expected more from my home state. I'm not going to research it, but I've already convinced myself the people making these decisions to rob their neighbors were commie-pinko liberals. Thanks lib-tard SC justices for expanding the eminent domain laws to allow it...jackasses.

    Eminent Domain in the Old Dominion - Reason Magazine

    In his dissenting opinion, Clarence Thomas stated: "something has gone seriously awry with this Court's interpretation of the Constitution."

    Kelo v. City of New London - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Kelo disgusted me. My Navy career was mostly in NLON, as was some of my college time. I watched the pols wave their magic wands, then turn the whole tract over to a private developer that had a slick tongue and convinced the incorruptible town fathers it would be a good deal. I watched that little old lady get "dragged" off the property she had lived in for God knows how long and simply wanted to finish off her life where she had spent most of it.

    And now VA egalitarians see a "need" for public access across private land. Well, while I envy (to a degree) the folks that could afford beach property years ago, I do NOT see a reason to take property away from people that earned the right to it. There are other ways. I'm glad to see the courts are mostly headed the right way, and that the landowners are being compensated for the expense of standing up for their rights. (That is, by the way, public money getting wasted on losing battles.)

    And now, we are dealing with another possible wanton grab of farmland up here to put in gas piping "for the common good" to be operated by private companies. (It is already being evaluated by the courts, measured against public opinion and potential need.) You get the feeling that the squeeze is on? Let us in, or it's the gulag for you.
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    NC has some of the oldest and worst eminent domain laws there are...taking private land to build government housing projects, towns and cities annexing property outside of their boundaries so they can raise tax revenues,etc... fortunately, our newest batch of state legislators are revamping the laws to give property owners more power and rights...thank God for the new conservative "wave" in my state. Now if we could just get Governor "Dumpling" out of office, things would go much faster...She is wearing out her veto stamp, but our legislature is steamrolling alot of her vetoes using majority votes...
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    The democrats have worn out their welcome.
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    I think that both parties have worn out there welcome. Now is the time for the constitutionalists to wave their banner. Thomas Jefferson where are you? Oh right here reincarnated as Ron Paul.

    Ron Paul for President!
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    I just HAD to SECOND THIS MOTION....

    Government, in general, has wore out its welcome...
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    Single best way to CUT COSTS - cut the Federal Government by 75%.
    I just learned an old co-worker here is being 'eminent domained'..... her family's property since Reconstruction. But the local Dot.Gov wants it for some hairbrained project. [dunno]
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    That was in response to Sapper John's post. As the democrats have had control in NC for 100 years; they have worn out their welcome.

    AFA Ron Paul, he lost my interest when he said support Cynthia McKinney the last time. Although I knew who she was; I didn't really "appreciate" her until I looked her up.
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    At least where I work, most of the admin staff aren't qualified enough to bag groceries. I always think of this as "welfare deluxe." They get paid a lot of money, but, unlike their "welfare standard" counterparts, they actually have to come to work.

    A great many of this group drive Mercedez, Infinity, or some other very costly automobile...and they always have handicapped permits to let them park in the spots up front.

    My in-law is retired Federal LEO...says the same thing about the cars.
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    Gaaaah! My point in that post above is that if you cut a great portion of those jobs, I think you'd have problems similar to what would happen if the feds cut off welfare checks: pandemonium and desperation.
  11. Tikka

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    If the bloated Feds and States cut what is useless from their staffs; unemployment would make a huge jump so that won't happen.
  12. limpingbear

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    Honestly, if big government keeps going the way it is then we are all screwed, only it will be our grand kids and thier kids that will feel the brunt of it. If they cut the fed by 75 percent and cut the state governments down too them we are screwed again because of all the unemployment and all the panic that will cause. As i see it, there are not enough jobs here for everyone. Why? All our "american" companies are outsourcing. There isnt too much on the shelves that say "made in America" anymore. When i call for tech support or warranty help i end up talking to someone i can barely understand in India. Bring the companies back, stop importing so much from overseas.

    Sorry for the rant. Its been a bad week and i woke up entirely too early today....
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    To slow imports level the playing field by making our tariffs and import duties reciprocal what other nations tax American goods.
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    I could talk all day on this one. The realization I came to is that we don't have a say in anything here. Its the big companies. This isn't Democracy, never was, and if your naive enough to think it was ask any of the natives who were killed and raped out of existence(native myself). Its all swell until your not on "their side" anymore. This is a tyrannical monarchy, the kings are the ceos and the aristocrats now call themselves beauracrats. Don't mean to offend but i and most my family have felt the brunt of this one. Republican or Democrat its all same. I lost hope in all of it a long time ago. I guess Ron Paul is the best I guess. I just don't think the America he talks about ever existed. Oh and by the way you can thank America for giving Hitler the idea for concentration camps, because he did. We just called them resevations(and stayed real quiet about the rape and murder, wouldn't want the misses to know Good brave american soldiers got off on killin kids and women to boost their ego.). We call it rez's, hitler called it genius.

    The past is the past and now many of you are looked at as outdated just like the native. Are you going to stand by and let the same happen to you in its new fashion or are you going to be brave?

    Forgive me if I have offended. None of us can change the past or what happened, but we can change what happens next.

    And if any of you are soldiers I don't question your bravery and sincerity so long as you dont repeat the past. But ive seen many a good folk beat near death by police and soldiers just "followin orders".
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    I agree with you OkieD. However, Hitler didn't come up with the concentration camps. The very highly educated men that attended the Wansee conference did...if I recall correctly, most of them had Ph.D.s. It's amazing what demonizing your "enemy" can make you do to them.

    Wannsee Conference - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Originally developed in theory by Lord Kitchener during the 2nd Boer War ~1900.
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    Look up where the NC government is trying to steal Alcoa's power dams and give them to Duke energy. They are using the environment as a reason but when you get down to it, its really about $$. The union in NC killed Alcoa's Badin smelter and the company had to shutter it with hundreds of jobs lost. now NC is going after the company in a move Hugo Chavez would be proud of.
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  17. Clyde

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  18. Okie_Doke

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    Thanks for the info Guit_fishN. I forget where I read it, but somewhere(mein kampf maybe? Its been too long) Hitler complimented Americas strategy for dealing with unwanted peoples. I suppose that post was a little hot headed in hindsight. But I was just hoping to point out the irony that we have demonized nazi Germany(and for good reason) but fail to accept that the USA has done the exact evils, and more in our past. And things like Eminent Domain only scratch the surface of what is going on. I would encourage everyone on here to look into such things as if their is natural gas mining in your area, and then look into the frac solution they use to get it(only have of the chemicals come back up, and the rest stays in your underground water reserves), or any mining or drilling at all because they all use similar methods.

    To get back on point, does anyone know how to counteract eminent domain or know any cases in which the people have won out?
  19. ghrit

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    I can fill you in on the gas leasing questions (and the fracking myths) should you have any real interest. Fracking is NOT a generally bad practice, and the Dimock PA mess is slowly getting revealed as hokum. The nearest well to me is just under 2000 feet. Not yet finished with drilling, and not fracked. Frack chemicals are on the MSDS sheets, publicly available from the well developer. Flowback is contained, and the actual frack process is WAY below the aquifers under impermeable rock caps.
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    The way to counteract it is to hire an eminent domain attorney to fight for you. However, the government takes your land and you fight after the fact,

    My family went through this on a property in Michigan for a road widening. Because we are in real estate, we knew how to work the system in our favor. In fact, based upon michigan law the state messed up the appraisal and had to pay almost double the price they valued the property and as a result they had to pay our attorney bill per law as a result. The people of the state lost a lot of money.
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