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EMP - From QST 1986 but a wealth of geekiness

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    Lancer submitted a new resource:

    EMP thory - EMP - From QST 1986 but a wealth of geekiness

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    Lancer the link does not take me to the article please repost
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  4. Idahoser

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    ARRL members can access digital archives of their magazines going WAY back, but this kind of alert is a good way to know what to look for and where. I just went and checked and the copies are better there.
    Thank you!
  5. azrancher

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    Where are the copies for ARRL members, I are one of them guys. I must admit I don't make the most of my membership.

  6. Tevin

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    The ARRL has been shockingly lazy on this topic. They have not updated their guidance since 19-freakin-86!

    People were still using vacuum tube based electronics back then. Most of the stuff we use today did not even exist in 1986, at least not in its current form.

    They need to fix this embarrassing oversight and get into the 21st century.
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  7. Lancer

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    That's why I collect older tube stuff when I find it. Latest is a working Hammerlund DX160.....
    Was almost afraid to power it on...
  8. Idahoser

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    log into
    Here's a link to the 1915-2011 section,
    The page you're trying to view is for members only.
    (this is a search through all their magazines)
    and 2012 to current: QST Archive 2012-Present.pdf
    (these are the full magazine)
    there are surely other ways to get this info as well.
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  9. Tevin

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    I should "get busy" doing what? I'm an ARRL member, but only recently (after 30+ years as a ham), and a rather reluctant member at that. "They" are a "they" to me. This isn't a marriage and I do not worship at the altar of the ARRL, even if I am otherwise a committed long time supporter of amateur radio.

    Among my numerous activities I happen to run a popular radio-related website that gets thousands of page hits per month. My writing is often reposted on other blogs and in club newsletters; I'm humbled and flattered that my contributions to amateur radio are valued. All my articles are very detailed, well-researched original compositions. I do not copy and paste anything or deal in warmed over old crap.

    Don't get preachy and tell me to "get busy" because I've been walking the talk for 37 years and don't need to explain myself to anyone. But since you bring it up, I offer these two articles from my own website as my version of "getting busy":

    EMP Protection For The Radio Amateur. - Off Grid Ham
    EMP Protection for the Radio Amateur, an Encore. - Off Grid Ham

    I'll point out that these two short articles are more than the ARRL has said about EMP in the last 32 years.

    Getting things back on topic, my gripe is completely legitimate. I would expect a relatively well funded "high tech" organization that cheerfully takes my money (presumably to advance & promote amateur radio) to do a little better than decades-obsolete information that is not relevant to 99% of the equipment being used today. Maybe the ARRL should be the ones to get busy. They certainly have the money and resources.
  10. Idahoser

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    lighten up Francis. I simply mean that there is no "they", as in a Facebook or Google type entity; "they" are the membership, the articles they put in the magazine are written by hams, not by "them". I dare suggest that you write an article and they may print it, is all. However I understand getting huffy is what the internet is for, so disregard, I'll delete my suggestion.
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    Stumbled across this while looking for old schematics.
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