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  1. Yard Dart

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    An EMP just went off in the region you are in and has been confirmed over the emergency broadcast system... that there was an event and the power outage would take time to restore. Power is down for you, phone lines are not working, cell phones are dark, the truck won't start and the neighbor came down the road and is telling you the same things you have discovered. You contemplate what you need to do in the event power is not restored in a short period and considering you heard their was an EMP you know it will take time to recover. The prep's you have in place have this contingency in mind, so you are not overly concerned for the short term outage..... But then you start to think about the others that have not planned as well, if at all... and you get concerned. The grocery store in town will run out of food in a week at the most without re-supply.

    What are the next 10 things do you do as priorities based on that information- for your family, home, AO and the situation perceived that you may be dealing with?
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  3. Brokor

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    You forgot:
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  4. mysterymet

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    Is my immediate family home with me? If not, gather them up using EMP resistant transportation that I have. Remove shielded equipment from storage and test it out, then return it to storage unitl I need it. Get some cash from the safe and go and purchase any last minute items (fresh fruit, more fuel, etc.) I've got a lot of stuff here but always want more! This would need to be done before most figued out what was going on. Bring mother in law to our house. (painful I know, but she watches the kids) Repair vehicles with shielded spare components. Fill bath tub water tanks to give even more water storage before town tank runs dry. Hook hand pump up to well. (this area used to be wells before town water came out this way). Get travel trailer from storage and bring home. (it is also stocked). Contact or attempt to contact friends. Wait to see how situation evolves. This would all happen in the first day. Not all of it by me. I definitely believe in division of labor.
  5. mysterymet

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    Btw excellent mental exercise given current world situation.
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    Assuming that my family is home. Assure the young that it will be okay, talk of teamwork, delegate, solidarity. No time for breakdown, time to kick it up.
    Items that will be used brought out for storage, worthless stuff removed. (i.e. swap coffee maker for peculator, natural gas off while generator comes out.).
    lock and load
    @mysterymet Hook hand pump up to well. We need to talk about this. How to do is something that has eluded us.
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  7. Motomom34

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    Sorry no 10 listed because I would be unable to drive for last minute pick ups. My brand new car would be worthless so what we have is what we will have. But I know things would need to be done like counting remaining prescription pills and talking rationing/weaning. Letting all know that what we have prepared for is now in action. Talk water wasting in a no no, no more snacking.
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  8. mysterymet

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    Flojak.com has a little video showing it. Depends on how deep your well is from static. Here isn't too bad but some near here are very deep.
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  9. Alpha Dog

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    Gather family have them start going over Preps, Food, Water, fuel and other supplies as I start to set up the security around the property Securing driveway, and gates. Covering the windows with the 3/4 plywood shutters, secure all doors along with traps. (try to make house appear empty).Meet with family set up control in a room in a secured room with no windows, shut all interior doors and hang tarps so the light we do have can't be seen from outside, explain the need to start rationing food, water and other supplies. Use all food in frig and cabinets before breaking into emergency supplies. Keep one family member on watch switching out every 6 hours, work on emergency comms for family/security use I have stored in EMP box.
    Then for the next 3 or 4 days while things are still somewhat normal and people are still waiting for the power company to save the day go out and do some recon make note how the neighbors are acting, who is the loudest and who the other neighbors and people are gathering around. Because he will be the one to lead the mobs and will be first one who needs put to sleep. Maybe pick up a few more supplies. (nothing to draw attention but enough to look like everyone else who are scrambling for quick fix meals and water) act as if I am in the same boat with everyone else. When I come in contact with people I know maybe tell them me and the family are going to try and head toward another area and stay with family. After the first week limit leaving residence and use different times of day and night.
    I have a question to add to the scenario when the feds bring in the trucks of relief water food and so on. Do you go to get supplies? Do you risk going into the masses? Plus if you had been left alone and no confrontations possibly by telling people you were leaving the area they believed you should you risk it?
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  10. Yard Dart

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    I think initially I would be making statements to all in the effect, that if the situation gets worse the family and I will move out to safer areas. That way if you fall off the radar they will just assume you have left...but leaves you the ability to popup in a crowd without people questioning your intentions. You can shrug them off with a simple excuse, like you were just taking care of the family and keeping close to home.

    In the early stages I would go to the fed distribution sites to monitor what is going on, temperament of the fed, crowds and gathering of intel. Once the situation starts to degrade due to negative fed actions, thugs, lack of food & services, whatever the cause may be- I would go into scout mode and never make direct contact but strictly an observation exercise from a distance to find out what direction things are going with the people. This would also provide the opportunity to find out if there are checkpoints going up, seizures of weapons and possibly relocation of citizens once things really started to unravel. Travel by foot into the general observation area, leaving the vehicle behind at a rally point, giving stealth on approach.

    Remember the stadium conditions and things that happened to people there in New Orleans, during the Katrina fiasco....I won't be part of anything like that....nuf said.
  11. BTPost

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    ADog, If you set a False Flag about leaving the area, then you shouldn't just bust that by showing up for .Gov FEMA Stores, because once you do, that cover is blown. If you do not use that ruse, then sure, you act just like everyone else, in the neighborhood, and try and look as underfeed and hungry as everyone else. That ruse will allow your neighbors to think that you are in the same Boat as they are, AND will extend your Preps, by just that much more.
    I would point out a FLAW in the premise. If there was an EMP, there would be NO EBS Broadcast, as ALL the Radio Stations would also be "Off the Air" for the same reason that your Unshielded Power Sources were NOT working. I suspect that FEMA would be able to use Choppers and Low Power FM Transmitters, to cover SOME areas, eventually. However, that would be about the same time as their Trucks start arriving, so it wouldn't be in the first week, or two, as it will take them that long to get organized, and they will be dealing with the Cities FIRST, and slowly working their way out thru the Berbs. Rural folks will be the LAST on the FEMA List, and likely not get ANYTHING because of the Supply Chain Logistics, involved.
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  12. Silversnake

    Silversnake Silverback

    1) Family rally point at the house, secure and arm the family. 2) Check all mechanical items for function (vehicles, generators, tractor, mower, etc). 3) If the generator is operational, fire it up and fill all possible containers with water. 4) Consider a grocery run if things aren't too crazy, otherwise, stay home. 5) Pressure can anything in the fridge or freezer that's practical to can. 6) Talk to neighbors to get a feel for their status, don't show my own cards. 7) Make a trip to the feed store for more chicken feed and dog food and more seeds for next planting season. 8) Be prepared to euthenize a couple of dogs and goats to cut down on food usage and possible feed them to chickens. Save the goat meat for people. 9) Set out traps for wild critters (possums, coyotes, raccoons, etc) to supplement dog and chicken food. 10) Breed all female rabbits at once (currently we rotate) to barter rabbits in a few months.

    I know someone will have an issue with euthenizing the dogs, I understand. I may move some of the items based on priority. If the generators are down, we will probably have to pull the well cap and use a length of capped PVC pipe on a rope to pull up water, our static level is 26 feet in a 300 foot well, so not too far to pull.
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  13. Yard Dart

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    You are correct BT about the radio and EBS but I used that as a means to set the scenario....reality is.... if you are knowledgeable you will now what has happened due to the lack of power and all electronics being inoperable.... but I wanted the scenario to be a bit more than a what if, but a confirmed situation. Fully knowing that nothing will be confirmed when it really happens... you will be just in the shit and having to work the issue in front of you.
  14. VisuTrac

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    I'll still be chopping firewood.
  15. NotSoSneaky

    NotSoSneaky former supporter

    If an EMP just occured, why is the emergenct broadcast system still working ?

    Hmmmm, *suspends disbelief* 10 things to do;

    1. confirm grid down
    2. attempt to start vehicles and genny if no start
    3. Check portable FM radio, if silent,
    4. Grab back up 2 ways and "CQ", check CB Ch19
    5. Gather family, issue sidearms. checl local back up comms.
    6. Break out bicycles and check on neighbors.
    7. Initiate action plan "A"
    8. Gather reinforcements, circle the wagons (so-to-speak)
    9. Issue long arms, set perimiter watch, feed everyone.
    10. Wait for zombies.
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  16. Yard Dart

    Yard Dart Vigilant Monkey Moderator

    Even the most prepared and isolated would still have priorities to attend to as it concerns their situation.... @BTPost would be unique but at the same time I would be interested to here his list... :cool:
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  17. Brokor

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    In lieu of the subject, and being in a comical nature,
    BTPost's list:

    1. NOTHING, ever CHANGES, for me up here, compared to you, FLATLANDERS.
    2. As for ME, and MY OWN, we have nobody, around, for, MILES, less they, have an AIRDROP habit. Even then, everybody, out HERE, has ANTI-AIRCRAFT missiles, as standard BEAR REPELLANT, so I doubt, that YOU would be able to, have that.
    3. I would, make some PANCAKES, for me, and mine.

    (notice my use of capitalization and commas.)

    HA! We love ya, Bruce. [nutkick]
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  18. BTPost

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    I would wonder why my DirecTv wasn't getting any Tv Signals right off, assuming that the EMP actually reached down in this Fjord, and smoked the receiver. Not real Likely, considering there isn't a EMP Target within 600 Miles of my location, and EMP, like all EM Radiation, obeys the Inverse Square Law.
    1. Check out the Gensets, and replace the AVRs if they were effected, from Stored Spares.
    2. Check the Inverters for any damage, and replace parts, from Stored Spares.
    3. Test all the Comm Gear, and replace any that were effected, from Stored Spares.
    4. Start monitoring the Airwaves to see who, and where, folks are getting back on the air.
    5. Listen for any MonkeyNet Folks, and establish Comms with them.
    Other than that it would be Business as Usual, around here.
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  19. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Moderator Moderator

    I thought I read some posts by BT that he was restocking. Since he is in the bush, no supply plane is coming out once things thaw. So do you start whaling and growing everything?
  20. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Moderator Moderator

    Off topic-
    Thank you so much. This is exactly what we were looking for. We had bought one of these:
    Lehman's - Green Hand Cistern Pump
    but we were having issues with figuring how to connect w/o bothering our submersible pump and casing. Plus there was a concern if it needed priming. The flojak seems to be a more complete kit
  21. BTPost

    BTPost Old Fart Snow Monkey Moderator

    We restock every August, before the last Barge.... It brings our Stores, back to 18 months, before we would need to break into the Long Term Storage. Plenty of time to get the Garden up and running, and harvest the "Bounty of the Sea", right out front, as well as the available Greens and Berries, available next summer. That 18 months can be extended, significantly, if we start rationing as soon as we know, that there will be no further Resupply, next Spring. This has been our routine for the last 2+Decades.


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