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    Sounds silly but I'll explain;
    My FAK has grown beyond an advanced boo-boo kit to an "almost" trauma kit.
    The issue I have is the current container is way overstuffed (three main pockets) and I'm starting to need to root through various items to find what I'm looking for. What I need ideally would be a roll up carrier with an assortment of large and small pockets.

    Think; old school photographers vest but in a roll up.

    This way when I need access I could simply unroll the carrier and have access to the entire kit without needing to pull out packages of gauze pads to get to a splint or burn dressings.

    Seems as I've read about them in the past but I cannot seem to find anything like it.
    Anybody know of such a thing ?
  2. kellory

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  3. Ganado

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  4. kellory

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  5. Airtime

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    Years ago in a previous life as sn EMT, I had much the same dilemma. I ultimately made/sewed a set of panels (nylon wirh plastic insert stiffeners) with elastic loops that held it all these went into a backpack. Worked well until on steep terrain or in the rain. Plan B. I divided the gear and supplies into categories like, diagnostic, airway support, bleeding control, splinting and fractures, booboos, meds, O2 and put those into either ZipLoc or smaller zippered bags with different colors for quick selection. Also easy to tell someone, "I need the green bag and open it." Some of the little bags I got years ago from REI or similar stores that were like little nylon toilet kit bags with pouches and elastic loops to hold stuff. Most of mine were made by Outdoor Research but I don't know if they still make the ones I got. These are similar:
    Backcountry Organizer™ | Outdoor Research | Designed By Adventure | Outdoor Clothing & Gear

    I am on a SAR (search and rescue) team and had go-gear in a pack but like my trauma bag it had problems. I shifted my SAR bag/gear to ZipLoc compartmentalism. I package things that get used under the same situation together in a ZipLoc. Then when gearing up to deploy, I can grab only what I need for the situation and drop it into what ever size back or waistpack makes sense. It's easier to find stuff and I can quickly select and deselect what stuff to carry on a mission. For example, I'll carry a dual band ham hand held and cell phone. But if main comms for the mission is ham, I grab the bag with spare AA battery case, spare batteries, speaker/mic, wire remote antenna. If main comms will be cell phone, I grab the bag with the battery phone charger and two cables. I have some smaller IFAKS I select similarly depending on mission as well as clothing packs, food packs and water options.

    Just food for thought.
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  6. Airtime

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    Oh yeah, check out some of the EMT and police supply firms, here are a couple I purchased from like 25-30 years ago:
    Dyna Med - I think Galls bought them out
    Chief Supply - fire/ems supply place
    Dixie EMS Supply

    I'm sure google can find you more EMT / first responder kits that are much better than what was available 25 years ago.
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  7. Witch Doctor 01

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    I have a few GI M3 three fold medic bags to separate my supplies into... boo-boo (minor) includes meds, major includes fractures and the third with tourniquets, halo seals, abdominal dressings, etc
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  8. NotSoSneaky

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    Thanks guys !
    Now I have some great ideas. Links appreciated ! [coo]
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  9. Witch Doctor 01

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  10. Brokor

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    I possess the skill to sew, therefore, I can make my own roll-up kit carrier.
    Purchase material by the yard (canvas material, ballistic nylon)
    Acquire the correct components (toggles, zipper, bungee material)

    Or to save even more money, use whatever materials you have on hand, recycle old clothing, etc.
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  11. stg58

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    We have some smaller bags but for the large kit we picked up A
    Kemp Large Professional Trauma Bag.


  12. Ganado

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  13. T. Riley

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    Don't act so surprised, a lot of guys my age learned how watching our Moms make our clothes as kids. I never thought about it until a couple years ago when I purchased a machine for the after and tried it out. I just knew how from watching her. And, I thought to myself, well I'll be damned. I think we unconsciously have a lot of knowledge, passed on to us by parents and grandparents, that we have just never had the need, yet, to summons up.
  14. kellory

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    I have a sewing machine myself. For sewing my boat top duck blind.
  15. Ganado

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    Well I guess I got caught being sexist. lol or at a bare minimum stereo typing. opps. Thanks for setting me straight! I got[own2]
  16. Airtime

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    Sew here too. Even alter or design patterns for wife and daughter's projects. Started 40 years ago when specialized outdoor clothing was very expensive and kits were 1/3 to 1/2 the price.
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  17. NotSoSneaky

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    Good choices. Decisions....decisions...[coo]
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  18. Motomom34

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    I wish they gave the dimensions on this rolled up. I would like something similar but space is an issue. Right now I am using a gardener's bag. It has 6 pockets on the outside and two inside sleeves plus the inside has quite a bit of space. I need to organize (currently a mixture of stuff & medical) but I do not want to use a bunch of little pouches. I like the medic roll-up but it would need to fit inside. The mat is a diaper changing mat that is easy to sterilize, easy to clean. I know that a true medical bag is what I need but those medical bags are pricey.
    DSCN1108.JPG DSCN1114.JPG DSCN1113.JPG
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  19. kellory

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    Dimensions are down under features at the bottom of the add , moto

    13.5" would be the rolled length, width would depend on you.
  20. Tully Mars

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    Yup, Mum taught me the basics, learned more in a High School class. I'm not as fast or fancy but my stitches hold-even performed a C-section on a heifer with her first calf one night-by lantern light. While they weren't pretty the stitches all held and she lived;)
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