End Of Lead Bullets!!

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by STANGF150, Dec 23, 2013.

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    If you can't take away the guns, take away the ammo.
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    "To protect the hunter and his family from lead......" What? They are issueing bulletproof vests? That would be the only lead based problem this hunter has ever had. :rolleyes:
    Do they plan to press charges if you shoot an intruder with an old bullet? Obviously, lead was bad for him.

    Will you be required to exchange lead bullets from your preps for lead free diet bullets to keep lead away from people?:rolleyes:

    Where, exactly, do people think lead comes from in the first place? Every bit of lead used, stored, formed, cast today, was here, before we started using it. All we really did, was concentrate it.(removed the impurities) and move it from place to place. We have added NO lead to the environment, just shifted it's location and concentration.
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    I still plan to use the accelerated lead poisoning method.
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    followed by deceleration trauma? ;)
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    this is not good. I plan to buy up any old lead I can find. there is no good substitute for lead core bullets, least not with as good of ballistics as lead.
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    Wow, Wish I knew how to roll my own! Guess I'll throw rocks.
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    The only upside to this I see is the loss of the copper penny, possibly having them made out of steel or gotten rid of entirely.
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    The article mainly pertains to the military where it's switching to the green ammo by 2018. California's lead ban on hunting ammo doesn't take full effect till 2019. Other than the Federal regulations for using Non-Toxic ammo for waterfowl hunting I know of no other lead based hunting ammo ban in effect. Here in NC as you can hunt any game with lead based ammo other than waterfowl.

    The last lead smelter the Doe Run plant in MO only produced lead for use in making car batteries they supplied no lead product to the ammo mfg. Lead will still be mined in the US all the processing will take place in Canada and Mexico as well as other parts of the world. All the major ammo mfg. haven't used raw lead products from US processors in years many have stated they use recycled lead as well as lead imported from other sources around the globe.

    Been rolling my own cast bullets for rifles and handguns for over ten years,an want be doing otherwise any time soon.
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  10. ghrit

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    From wiki -
    1983–present 97.5% zinc, 2.5% copper (core: 99.2% zinc, 0.8% copper; plating: pure copper)[7]

    I suspect that the copper in the zinc is an impurity, not deliberately included.
  11. Tyler Danann

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    Yeah the smaller commercial smelters for lead are still going strong, just not this mega-one.
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    Holy moly! Good to know!!!
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    Yeah, I was wondering what copper pennies had to do with anything since they were officially dropped 30 years ago. Of course with the last virgin lead smelter in the US being closed, where is the original lead for "reclaimed lead' all the bullet makers claim they use going to come from? Oh that's right, CHINA, just like everything else. Happy to see the politicos are thinking of selling us out to China (steel, lead, copper, zinc, etc) for our ammo too. Remember the push to ban ammo back in the 1970s? "We have a 200 year supply of guns and a seven year supply of ammunition in this country! We need to ban ammunition, not guns!" History ALWAYS repeats itself.
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    And don't forget, Obama signed the control of importing guns and ammo to the U.N, IIRC.
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  16. Tyler Danann

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    Yep I heard this too, there's more lead smelters in the US too, not just the mega-big ones. The smaller ones are still goin'
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