Enhanced Tactical Load Bearing Vest

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    This is a U.S. Government issue Enhanced Tactical Load Bearing Vest. It has four main pouches ,two on each side that will hold six M16 magazines ( three on each side), below that, are two pouches that are designed to hold one grenade on each side. The padded shoulder straps are adjustable and there are two adjustable buckles on the front. The webbing on each side is also adjustable. At the bottom there are loops to secure this to your belt. These have been issued to troops, so they are used but in good shape.
    $10 each plus $9.95 for shipping . ( the best deal 3 can fit in 1 lager flat box for $42.95 shipped )
    20 available
    here is a link to some picture
    also have 9mm brass $30/k, 38spl $30/K ,and 40cal $30/K all with shipping
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    Russell Camacho
    118 Kothmann
    La Vernia Texas 78121
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    US postal money is fastest way to go, but any money order will work.
    When mail your payment please include Contact information
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    Email ( to contact when payment is receive and package are ship out) .
    Thank you very much for your business, Russell

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    holster on (wearers) front left panel?
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