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    But remember:

    Just something I found on teh interwebz;
    We've all in some way paid the price to be here this day, please remember it well.
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    Memorial Day

    Too much a child; too early come a man,

    Set to a man’s duty in no mans’ land.

    Second-hand memories of a baby never seen

    Shared with mates while cleaning the instrument

    A preserver of life; a bringer of death

    Man and machine equals in a serrated fight

    His dreaming is his own property,

    Of a woman a mother but not yet wife

    Of a mother and a father praying for his life

    Of brothers and sisters far from this strife

    Homecoming promised and gone three times

    A tour of duty becomes occupation

    Only a slender thread weaving to embrace

    Bringing visions of a child walking

    The babbling brook of a son talking

    A lifeline of phantoms leading out of Hell’s space

    And when that day came, it came so fast

    He spent the time flying upon recollections of the past

    He could see the food laid out

    His family laughing and talking to music in the back

    His son held up to give him a kiss amid his play

    His heart, his soul, his wife

    Touching him at the end of the day

    It all ended with a bang

    The happiest day of a man’s life

    With a stone as pillow he laid down on the hill

    He was home; no more dreaming to fulfill.

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