Environmentalists Are Dead Wrong

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    Excellent article written by Walter E. Williams @ Ammoland. For years I have heard environmentalist screaming about global warming, the environment and how we are killing the planet. The yelling is getting louder but this article shows that the same scare tactics are being used. People do care about the environment, conserving, the planet, recycling but the environmentalists fly around the planet preaching how we need to do more, that we are not doing enough. IMO people are much more aware then they were 10-20 years ago. But now that being an environmentalist is a paid profession, there are more now than ever preaching at us.

    Environmentalists Are Dead Wrong
    ^^ link to original article. Some of the comments are interesting. Some believe the predictions are correct, just not on the time table predicted.
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    Every time I hear these EnviroWhackos march to save the planet, all I would like them to do, is SHOW ME ONE PREDICTION that has been, PROVEN by Peer Reviewef Documentation, that has happened.... I am not talking about minor Things but a MAJOR Calamity, predicted to happen, back in the Day, that was Predicted to happen in the period, up to today, that can be shown to have happened... Otherwise these Yahoo!'s need to Shut the F**k Up....
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    For example:
    "Events like katrina will be come a common occurance" I think the global warming organizer and chief said that one.
    "We will see a lot more events like Moore Oklahoma" - some yahoo on the weather channel

    My personal favorite:
    "Snowy winters will soon become a thing of the past" - a congressional testimony 2 days before a legitimate blizzard shut down DC for a week.
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    you mean like this...


    Or this...

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    I count myself as an environmentalist, but I don't pay any attention to "science" that is more about ensuring future grants for the "scientists" that come from those taking political advantage of their "findings". Note that popular environmentalism in the US began when Soviet Communism failed and the leaders of the environmental movement just happened to be disenfranchised Communists.
    • Ask yourselves why is Earth Day is on Lenin's birthday - It isn't a coincidence
    • Ask yourselves why every thing the popular environmentalists find can only be cured by hurting businesses and managed through central planning.
    Author Michael Crichton has a great preface in State of Fear that goes into the politics and business of Big Environmentalism.

    We are currently in a dark age where science is an opinion that is used as a tool to control us. Screw the facts. It's no different now than when Galileo was persecuted over breaking the news that the Earth was not the center of the universe. It also doesn't matter which politics that the "science" supports as long as somebody with the money needs to buy the "facts" they want to have.

    I take particular fascination with the entire Globalwarmingchangamajiggy. It reminds me of old movies where the chief or medicine man's position and even life was dependent on whether of not it rained enough for the crops and animals. We think we are so sophisticated because we are surrounded by technology and other miracles when we act no different that primitives. Perhaps that's because we are still the same people living in different environments.
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    Yeah we are due for a sharknado!
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  7. tacmotusn

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    I believe in sun cycles which build and ebb on roughly 11 year cycles. environmentalists have been proven to lie their asses off to show things that did not happen. Their are multiple instances of this. Feel free to do a little research. Supposedly the industrial age/revolution started the global warming downhill race to the death of all humanity. Funny thing is all the air pollution, acid rain, water pollution, ground/earth pollution, back in the 70s-80s was going to cause a new ICE AGE. and last but not least in this mini rebuttal of all this global warming BS, we have in the history of man at least 2 totally out of the ordinary tropical periods lasting for decades that happened well before the industrial age. One was like during the 1400s. The other further back than that. Man's insignificant interference with mother nature and the sun and the other planets had no hand in this. Explain these events for me. Now consider this also. Supposedly there is proof that the poles have shifted in the past one or more times and that may be on the agenda for the future. Why not? If it happened before, how and why? Yup nobody has a real clue. You do know I suppose that with the Earth traveling thru space and rotating the way it does (how is that controlled BTW) .... but the point is, there is this massive bulge of water (70-75% of earth's surface is water) higher by maybe up to a couple hundred feet more at the equator than say at the start of the Arctic or Antarctic circle, which is that much lower. If the earths rotation slows the bulge lessens and the other area further out from the equator have a rise in the seawater level. It has nothing to do with melting of polar ice. It is believed by some the earth rotation is slowing, tilt is altering, causing wobble, and ultimately going to cause one hell of a mess as things my flip flop again. go figure. who knows how, why, or when. maybe the God or gods are playing with us. or not. IT IS ABOVE MY KNOWLEDGE LEVEL AND PAY GRADE. PASS ME A BEER WOULD YOU?
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    "the distance from Earth's center to sea level is roughly 21 kilometers (13 miles) greater at the equator than at the poles." Thus spake Scientific American. Strange but True: Earth Is Not Round Emphasis mine.

    Tac is on the right track with the rest of his dynamic discussions related to pole movement, rate of rotation, and wobble; all those effects are simple mechanics. None of these will have significant effects on the climate measurable in years, and maybe not in centuries. Is climate change real? Without question, yes. Man caused? Not an effing chance, momma nature takes care of that all by herself, one volcanic fart puts out more greenhouse gas than we do burning coal or other fossil fuels in a year (and I can't find that reference right this minute, but it's out there.). Can we, mankind, affect that change? Not bloody likely. Rather than pissing away energy and wringing our hands about it, we might better spend our time making plans toward cultural adaptation for our progeny.
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    If these global warmest folks are so serious about saving the planet from trash and recycling. And if there really interested in doing their part, all they need to do is start from about 1970 and work back by, using cloth diapers, scrape out the crap, hand wash and re-use. Re - usable milk bottles. Deposits paid for soda bottles. Home canning with re-usable mason jars. Home gardening. Less driving, carpooling, walking. Hunting and fishing for food , raising your own meat, cows, chickens, etc., which cuts down on massive amounts of plastics and styro foam being made and used and thrown into dump sites. Early to bed, early to rise, less power usage. Fireplaces and wood stoves used for heating and cooking, renewable energy and less power usage from electric stoves. You know, a lot of the things our parents and grandparents did, not because it was trendy, but because it was THE way of life. Kind of like what a lot of people here are doing.
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    unless we get seriously stupid and go for a full on nuclear winter... then again if that happens there is not going to be many of the hippy types around to complain is there...
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    Environmental pollution, yes. (oil spills, fracking, etc.)
    Gross destruction of oceans and life, yes. (shark hunting, illegal commercial fishing, etc.)
    Technological tampering, possibly. (HAARP to chemtrails, insert conspiracy theory here)
    Global warming, natural cycle of planet, yes. (real)
    Global warming, man made, nope. (myth)

    To an advanced species, humans would best fit into the definition of parasites.
    We do not live in harmony with nature.
    Truth, like it or not.
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    When "fixing" the environment became all about the money, instead of the effect, then the so-called "experts" lost any credibility they might have ever had. I think about Bill Nye, who got downright angry and insulting, about people who wouldn't believe in (the religion of) Global Warming/Man-made Climate Change. He also recently claimed, in a CNN opinion piece, that science is what made America great. Um, yeah....okay!
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    I thought nasa making Muslims feel good about them selves is what made America great.
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