epa closes 122 texas refineries andpetrochemical plants

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    by failing to renew air quality permits
    IMHO This is the first shot fired in the war to subjugate the U.S. populace.

    AUSTIN — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday invalidated the air quality permits of 122 plants across Texas, throwing out one of the state's key environmental permitting processes.
    The action sparked complaints from representatives of the petrochemical industry who called the move a "backdoor" attempt to bring the facilities under federal greenhouse gas regulation.
    EPA Regional Administrator Al Armendariz invalidated all 122 flexible air quality permits issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality since the 1990s, leaving the facilities to apply for new permits. Most were issued to oil and chemical refineries.
    "We're going to transition these facilities from these flexible permits to standard permits and, by doing so, lower emissions and improve public health," he said.
    Gov. Rick Perry blasted the move.
    more at:

    EPA air permit rejections put jobs at risk, Perry says | Houston & Texas News | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle
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    Once again, I'm puzzled by the political blunders of this administration.

    Do they really think that the public is going to be whooping it up when they see their fuel prices skyrocket? Go EPA!! whoo hoo!
    Is that what they think?

    I'm led yet again to one of 3 conclusions:
    1. This guy is incredibly out-of-touch with public opinion.
    2. He doesn't care because he's dedicated to this NWO agenda.
    3. He has some kind of "secret" lock on power that we have yet to discover.

    Can someone else think of another reason?

    Hopefully these companies have the lawyers in motion and a good judge will order a stay (or whatever they call it) of this ruling.
    Otherwise, it could be a very expensive summer.
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    Still a clear path towards socialism. Get the people to absolutely rely on the gov't for any and all resources needed. Little by little.. nickel and dime.
  4. Seawolf1090

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    The Federal Capitol was burned once, back in 1812.......

    History often repeats itself....... [freedom]
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