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    That would depend on the "Woods"..... If the "Woods" had a local Wolf Pack, there are a very Few Breeds, that could coexist with them, if there wasn't a permanent Location for the Dogs to live out of. The local Pack would "have them for Lunch" if they were not leashed, and housed, but just running free. Same with any Bears, or Cougars, for a single Dog. One of my "Close" (10 Sq Miles) neighbors, had a pair of Malimute Husky Mixed Sled Dogs, that he figured were large and fierce enough to be safe from our local Pack. He never kept the leashed, but let them run loose. The wolves ate both of them, over one winter. Easy Pickens... You haven't lived, until your Doggie has chased off after a Bear, and then come screaming back toward you at Full Speed, with an ANGRY BEAR in close pursuit.... It only takes once, and you will never be faster than your Doggie....
  2. NO FU**IN WAY THAT HAPPENED please tell me how you got out of that one i would like to know
  3. hmmmmm i was thinking of getting a dog to bring with me but that was only a thought…somebody suggested mules but is that really plausible? probably not since i want to be as undercover as i can…but still a good idea. what dogs are cool with wolves?
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    Oh yea, it happened... A few Times... But we had Two Doggies, and the Second Dog, teamed up with the chaser Dog, and two Dogs are an easy Match for ANY Bear... They Tag Team him, until he gets tired of getting his Butt Bitten... And decides to leave, on his own.... There are really no Breed that can deal with a Wolf Pack. They would be outnumbered 5 or more to one... Not a good Senerio ....
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    You don't have any money and you want a dog . . . a mastiff no less. Did you stop to think about how much it costs to feed and care for a mastiff?

    Maybe you're drunk . . . how are you going to fund your drinking and smoking habit in the sticks?
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    Ever skin Griz, pilgrim? And, no dogs are cool with wolves. Perhaps a female wolf mix would be accepted, maybe, but; any male would be looked upon by the Alpha as being an interloper and would be attacked and killed.

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    We have a wanderer that passes through a few times a year. He has a goat. Now if the mule is too much, maybe you should think about a goat. This guy has packs on his goat and they eat anything. A goat isn't much against a bear and it would be a good meal for a lion but goats are sturdy climbers.
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  9. wow now that was actually very helpful why didn't i think of that i had the thought to bring the basic animals chickens a few rabbits and goats the top 3 ima look into that right now thanks man. and yeah….didnt think that through but it was jstu a thought in the first place. besides there probably a couple racks
  10. hmmmm no not as cheap as i thought…NEXT
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    dont worry about being undercover u wont be alive long
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  12. what makes you so sure?
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    Another useless Troll for the Ignore list.....
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