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    Recently we have had a fella pull a shoulder apart when trying to pull a wheel off a truck hub. We've all done this, and it will sometimes surprise you when it comes loose. These little strains can put you out of commission for a couple weeks. Not the kind of thing you'd want to happen after a SHTF event, so I've been keeping my eyes open for ways to do things while reducing the chance of injury. Working smarter, and not harder.

    The old slap hammer has always been a tough piece of gear to use without straining. That big sliding hammer on a heavy steel bar will pull stuck axles and hubs eventually, but the sudden stop that's necessary at the end of the bar sends a shock all the way down your arm. It's also pretty tough to do with your weak arm. One solution turns out to be not using your hand on the sliding hammer at all.

    Wrapping a cloth fender cover, about the size of a large beach towel around the sliding hammer and twisting it creates a handle that can essentially be swung like a baseball bat. Using both arms and a good batters stance will put more whack on that sliding hammer than the biggest guy in the shop could possibly muster.

    This is another one of those "Why didn't I think of that 30 years ago kind of things."
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    Work smarter, not harder.
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  4. Cruisin Sloth

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    So others know what the post is about .
    Good crappy building uses those . I haven't since 1990 .. Build better . Bearings like that tool !!
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    Great video! That's the technique there Cruisin Sloth, but if that is a GM hub those guys are now sooooo out of luck, because the hub is still stuck in the housing after they snatched the spindle out and there's only a flange to get hold of now.

    I've been in the business for almost 40 years and have other smelly, nasty, noisy, low effort tools that I would have reached for first. One should be able to remove a stuck hub without ever touching the spindle and damaging the bearings, but their slap hammer technique was flawless.

    Batter Up! :)
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    !. I use a heat wrench when ever possible.
    2. you best be sure that the car is secure doing that or you could end up wearing it.
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    I use Factory Tools / press . But I only work one European stuff.

    I saw that tool beat the crap out of a few hondas for rotor replacement , now thats thinking ahead , rotors today , bearings next month !!
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    The damage to the bearings is why I never strike the hub flange. Big nasty air chisel with a flat hammer attachment will spin most hub assemblies and expose an ear I can get a purchase on to knock them out. Noisy, but not something I would be worried about the vehicles owner watching me do.
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    Also, use the right tool for the job. Remember, your hand is not a hammer!
    We've all done it...having a wrench on a nut or bolt that won't break free, then using the heel of your hand to give it a good whack; don't do it! Keep a small deadblow hammer handy for these times, and save yourself some from some future pains.
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    Years ago an acquaintance was needing to pull the rear axil shaft , and the slide hammer he had was not built for it, so we took a log chain and 10 lb sledge and improvised our own hammer and it worked.
    You do what you have to, when limited resources are available.
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